Department of Education spells WEB Du Bois' name wrong in tweet

DeVos was named education secretary February 7 after Vice President Mike Pence cast a tie-breaking vote on her nomination in the Senate, with all Democrats and Independents voting against her as well as two Republicans.

DeVos has received many harsh remarks from what her critics consider a lack of experience.

Keep in mind that more than 80 percent of America's schoolchildren attend traditional public schools.

But Lakeview Community Schools Superintendent Aaron Plas said he'll advocate for public education across the state.

Democrats tried their darnedest to sway one more Republican to defect, spending 24 hours repeating union talking points on the Senate floor. Since receiving the position DeVos has encountered opposition from those that believe she is unfit to serve Secretary of Education. DeVos is a controversial pick based on her strong support of the privatizing of schools. No Child misguidedly tasked the Education Department with school board duties, micromanaging the performance of districts. Recently, she was greeted by barricade of protesters outside a school in Washington D.C.

"She has funneled millions of dollars into "choice" and charter policies in MI that have resulted in a decline in test scores". She said the state needs to rework its school funding formula before adding charters to the mix. One need look no further than OH to understand the perils of publicly funding private schools without demanding accountability. Parents and community partners were also concerned.

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"Her approval by Republicans in the United States Senate is an embarrassment".

The charter school model works best in large, metropolitan cities, so the ideal locations in Nebraska would be Omaha, Lincoln and possibly Grand Island.

In one way, the argument over federal education policy distracts and saddens. "But one can, perhaps, welcome the withdrawal of federal mandates, especially with respect to curriculum and teaching", said Eduardo Duarte, professor of teaching, learning and technology.

This past Wednesday DeVos (or someone else managing her personal Twitter account) tweeted the following message: "Day 1 on the job is done, but we're only getting started". Hilariously (or sadly, depending on your perspective on life), their tweet also contained a spelling mistake. And I know that's a priority, and certainly a priority of mine'.

Generalizing about teachers is like generalizing about journalists: You've got great ones; you've got lousy ones; and you've got a lot of in-between types.

"I am personally anxious that she's going to use a large sum of federal funding for charter schools, which I think will negatively impact public schools".