The Walking Dead 7×09 "Rock In The Road" Review

The Walking Dead returned with an action-packed midseason premiere on Sunday night, and if it felt different (i.e. better), there's a good reason for that.

Based on Rick's cordial reply, he intends to recruit the new group into their cause to combat the Saviors.

The first half of season 7 wrapped up a year ago with our gang being reunited, and all of them having their unique reasons for wanting to fight back. But the obnoxious leader, who surrendered his heart and soul to Negan's terror, wants no relationship with the Alexandria Safe Zone and its people as he doesn't want any casualty from his team at the hand of the Saviors.

"We own your lives", says one of their new captors.

Let's talk Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

Back at Alexandria, things get more tense when the Saviors show up looking for Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick subsequently discovers Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has run off with most of their food supplies.

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Moreover, Gimple previewed that the back half of the current season will also feature a variation of plotlines, with some episodes telling numerous stories in one go while others adopt a more focused direction.

Rick is finally back in Season 7 of The Walking Dead and after offering you our review of the mid-season premiere, you are given some answers on the mystery of the end of the episode. But then when Rick and Co. are lobbying King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Morgan chimes in and says if there's another way to get rid of Negan, we must try for that. Maybe, just maybe, Gabriel took the guns under Rick's orders, so the Saviors would see them as helpless when they notice the empty storage room. So next week will nearly definitely pick up where this cliffhanger left off - with Rick smiling, a giant gun pointed at his face - and we'll get to meet this new clan of disposable bodies in the war against Negan. And do you think they could be allies? We got a moving speech from Rick, appearances by Morgan and Ezekiel, and one heck of a walker death scene. We'll see treachery from people we trust. After Rick pleaded his case with Gregory at the Hilltop, he was greeted with a stern rejection.

Numbers and arms are going to be huge in the forthcoming "All Out War" storyline as the fight against Negan will become the most tactical and militaristic battle we've ever seen in the show.

As we look ahead, it sure seems like Rick's militia is growing. and they have dynamite at their disposal. There are at least a hundred, if not more, and they do have weapons. In what may have been the most memorable slaughter of walkers in the show's history, Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) hopped in separate cars connected by a steel wire - which was originally purposed to serve as a tripwire for an explosion to blow up a herd of walkers - and sped down the motorway while the taut wire ripped through hundreds of zombies walking along the median. When asked about his take on Rick's new mission, Andrew Lincoln said: "Everybody knows that when war is called, there's going to be bloodshed".

When Rick smiles, signalling that everything might end up okay in the end, we can't help but smile right along with him. In any case, we cannot wait to get a little closer to these children to see if they could be allies or if they will be added to Rick's list of enemies.