Tom Brady Leads Patriots to Biggest Comeback in Super Bowl History

Tom Brady Leads Patriots to Biggest Comeback in Super Bowl History

Luckily the National Hockey League and NBA seasons are entering their stretch run, March Madness is less than a month away and even Spring Training is on the horizon.

"Still fresh in my memory [was] the experience past year in the AFC Championship, going to Denver, being dominated so thoroughly in that game, yet having a chance to tie it with 12 seconds to go on a two-point conversion attempt", Socci said in a phone conversation we had last week. As a kid in the 1980s, all I remember is a bunch of Super Bowl blowouts and a string of World Series with the dullest teams imaginable, save for 1986, of course. The win over the Falcons was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, and the four-time Super Bowl MVP engineered some great drives. Brady led his team down the field and on second and goal, at Atlanta's two-yard-line, White stretched his body towards the end zone as the ball crossed the goal line, resulting in the game-winning touchdown to give the New England the 34-28 victory in Super Bowl LI.

So I suggested turning the game off and getting ready for bed. Throw in a couple of admittedly questionable Atlanta play calls, an excellent performance by their defense down the stretch and a favorable coin flip, and you've got the best comeback in National Football League history to yield the best Super Bowl in National Football League history.

Devonta Freeman doesn't account for Hightower who rushed off the edge, and it was costly as he was able to force Matt Ryan to fumble. Let that sink in. In this game, New England overcame a 25-point deficit to win. We'll see if the figureheads stand by their offseason proclamation of the team being "vastly different" in 2017, or if it is once again mere words. But no analyst in the world could've told you how the Patriots would ultimately get there in the end. Alan Branch of the Patriots recovered the ball and, for the first time, you could really feel a momentum shift. I wish I could have that one back as well. Even though the Falcons offense was struggling, they had the game on ice with that huge Julio Jones toe drag catch in Patriots territory. Ryan was then sacked, and a holding penalty put them out of field goal range. That's how you lose a super bowl.

Adding to the narrative is head coach Dan Quinn's return to the Super Bowl.

Even in their non-Super Bowl-winning years, the Patriots have been awfully hard to beat.

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Note to Falcons: The big game is over.

Tom threw 466 yards Super Bowl-record, two touchdowns along with an interception.

"I don't know that we said it". He wanted to stick it out one more series, just to see what happened. The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls by 25 and 19 points. He also overthrew a 38-yard pass to a wide open receiver.

We discussed the idea of how the Bengals could become more like the two best teams of 2016 on this week's Orange and Black Insider.

But those claims have been few and far between; I think the majority of fans watching the game, myself included, recognized that the Patriots earned the victory, improbable though it was, and those who thought otherwise either don't understand the game very well or were in too much shock at the comeback to believe it.

No question, it was one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - games in the annals of professional football.