Protesters Block DeVos From DC School's Entrance

Protesters Block DeVos From DC School's Entrance

It was a close vote Tuesday, just 51 to 50, but Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate as the new secretary of education, and now we can get on with the rescue of our schools.

Senator Tim Kaine: "If you can not be a champion for public schools you should not be secretary of education". She married wealthy as well, to Dick DeVos, son of Richard DeVos.

Since we're having to learn so many new terms under the current administration, I'd like to offer up a new one: Antiqualified. They at least require the same level of oversight as public schools, especially those that receive public funding. "Primary responsibility for education should rest with those states, localities, and private institutions that have made our nation's educational system the best in the world", Carter wrote in his signing statement.

A group of protesters created a human barricade outside Washington D.C.'s Jefferson Middle School Academy where Betsy DeVos was set to make an appearance.

Indeed, "black lives matter" is rather DeVos' own point.

The protesters also hindered DeVos' vehicle from quickly driving away. In as much as I said last week the arts are important to everyone, whether you take part in them or not, it is true that public education is important, whether you choose to send your children there or not.

"Go back. Shame!' a man yelled, while an escort, presumably an agent wearing an ear piece, places an arm on DeVos" back and helps her into a black SUV. WJLA's footage of the encounter showed the protesters using their bodies to block Mrs. DeVos from walking up the ramp to the door.

"Jefferson Academy is a public middle school on the rise and a great example of the successful collaborative innovations occurring within the D.C. Public Schools system".

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DeVos' visit was publicized by Washington Teachers' Union president Elizabeth Davis yesterday, who urged protesters to meet DeVos at the school.

The Washington Teachers Union organized a protest at the event outside the school that denied physically get in the new secretary's way.

One protester was arrested for blocking a driveway and refusing to move, police said.

DeVos' viral confirmation hearing - where she seemed unfamiliar with basic laws and suggested guns in schools could help protect students "from potential grizzlies" - did nothing to assuage those concerns.

DeVos has been a long-time supporter of charter school programs, religious schools, and homeschooling.

"She will have to make it a priority to reach out to educators and education policy makers to reassure them that she is committed to working to improve education for all students including the vast majority who attend and will continue to attend traditional public schools", said Martin West, associate professor of education at Harvard University.

The following column was submitted prior to Betsy DeVos'confirmation vote earlier this week.