Pittsburgh-area students rally against confirmation of Education Secretary DeVos

Pittsburgh-area students rally against confirmation of Education Secretary DeVos

Nevertheless, DeVos was confirmed Tuesday after Vice President Mike Pence voted in favor of the wealthy Republican donor, breaking up a historic 50-50 tie.

DeVos's public image took a scouring during the confirmation process. "Senator Tillis' office has assisted thousands of North Carolinians, from helping veterans receive the health care services they deserve, to ensuring seniors receive the benefits they've earned". Public schools in Texas are better than they have ever been, and Betsy Devos won't stop the progress that we are making. DeVos has said that this was a clerical error, according to The Advocate. Opponents have criticized DeVos' lack of experience with public education.

DeVos became the sixth cabinet appointment of President Trump to be confirmed.

But while most of the public debate about her nomination swirled around issues affecting K-12 public schools, it largely neglected the realm of higher education.

DeVos is a proponent of school vouchers and charter schools.

"Public schools are the backbone of our society", Stephens said.

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Stanley referenced a pair of bills before Kentucky legislators, House Bill 103 and Senate Bill 70. In turning over that rock, Trump exposed the raw corruption and venality at the core of the charter school privatization juggernaut. Yet there is little suspense about the final outcome on any of the nominees because Democrats themselves changed Senate rules when they were in the majority several years ago so that Cabinet nominees can now be approved with a simple majority, not the 60 votes previously required. We can't afford to allow the building of more fences that deny an equitable education to all students. Concerns also remain about equal regulation and obligations of public and private schools. The staffer said that, while the information exists, he couldn't provide it.

Democrats went further. They argued that she doesn't understand the policies she'll be tasked with enforcing, noting that in her hearing she fumbled a question about a landmark 1975 law protecting education for students with disabilities, seeming unaware of the law. "Parents, teachers, administrators and students all know that one-size-fits-all Washington education standards are not working, and it is time to return control back to states and communities".

Union County Public Schools also reiterated a belief in the public education system. "We're not flawless, and we need to continue to try to improve". Two Republican senators sided with 48 Democrats in opposing DeVos' confirmation, leading to a tie. "It was a great symbol", she said, and one that probably reflects the role Omarosa Manigault, an alumna, plays in the administration. She added that she's unable to predict what implications this might have for Holy Name, which is accredited by the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission.

"Our education system fortunately is mostly involved at the state level", he said.

Other senators who already took the floor shared videos recounting what they said.

"There were a few things I could have answered better or more articulately", she says. Then it empowered my fight for my students. Hakeem Jeffries, a Black congressman from Brooklyn, is a protégé of Booker and fellow supporter of tax credits for private schools.