Ted Cruz congratulated a woman on having multiple sclerosis

Ted Cruz congratulated a woman on having multiple sclerosis

Sanders and Senator Ted Cruz squared off Tuesday night on CNN to debate ObamaCare.

CNN scored a surprise hit last night with a broadcast from a parallel universe - a debate about "the future of Obamacare", starring presidential primary season runners-up Sens.

"I think you'll find the profit margin in my entire industry [inaudible]-" she said as Sanders cut her off. Insofar as government intervention distorts pricing incentives, he's right.

Bernie Sanders speaks during his rally at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds in Lawrence, Kansas on March 3, 2016.

"Continuity of coverage" is the key phrase in Cruz's answer, and it's the policy idea that Cruz, in his earlier answer, tried to frame as a prohibition on insurance companies discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.

One of the principal points of discussion has to do with the popular provision that protects those persons with pre-existing conditions and the controversial mandate in which nearly all Americans get coverage. "This is what happens when government takes over health care - every example on Earth - the result is rationing and waiting periods, and you, the citizens, being told, no, you can't have the health care you want and deserve".

It's safe to say that at the very least, Cruz's map provides food for thought about the electoral effects of Obama's landmark piece of legislation. When Cruz pointed to rationing, waiting times, and lower quality service in countries with such arrangement, Sanders claimed that healthcare pricing was a form of rationing of its own. "What is a right is choosing your own doctor". "Of course we have to improve ObamaCare", Sanders added, admitting some of its problems that Cruz kept raising.

The debate may be more than just must-see TV for wonks.

Free from the bounds of a looming election, Sanders didn't hold back when Hunter told him she was prevented from hiring more employees by the Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare. He argued that if someone has a life-threatening disease, the government should not be keeping that person from using a life-saving drug. "What Ted has said is he wants to get rid of all federal mandates".

Sanders also pointed out how the "very rich" can get the best healthcare in the world and pointed out that 'Scandinavian countries, Canada and the United Kingdom ensure health care to all its citizens'. Canadians mostly cite wait times for elective surgery.

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"Without those mandates", Cruz explained. America's is bad for poor people, who would go bankrupt if they paid American prices.

"I'm not much of an expert on hairdressing in general, and certainly in Fort Worth", Sanders said while motioning to his semi-bald head and drawing laughs from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz struggled to appear sympathetic to the plight of regular Americans - even telling one "congratulations on your struggle" with Multiple Sclerosis. Even as he did a better job of backing his opinion with data, there was one point he clearly, hands down, won on: Healthcare as a human right. Sanders called that "totally absurd".

"Healthcare is personal in a way that is different from most other political issues".

"You asked about people who get sick and not wanting your insurance cancelled, not wanting your premiums to go up".

Sanders said that tens of thousands of Americans die from not being able to afford health insurance.

Obamacare isn't working because it was "built on an edifice of lies".

"Government control messed this all up", he said.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Tuesday the GOP will finish its legislative work this year, as conservatives itch for a swift repeal vote to fulfill their campaign promises.