Meteor spotted as it flies across Midwest early Monday morning

Meteor spotted as it flies across Midwest early Monday morning

The message featured a video taken from a Lisle Police Officer's dashcam that shows a bright meteor flashing across the suburban Chicago sky.

According to AMS, over 200 sightings of the meteor were reported, including some as far away as Kentucky and NY.

Some in Wisconsin reported hearing a sonic boom, which is caused when a meteor enters the atmosphere, said NWS meteorologist Sarah Marquardt in Milwaukee.

No one was reported to have been injured by debris, he said. But as it fell toward earth and burned up, it was closer to the size of a lunch box when it landed - in Lake Michigan.

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Please, don't report sighting that lasted more than 30 seconds: the vast majority of fireballs are only visible for few seconds. Last night's meteor was much brighter than that however, as many stars in the night sky are brighter than magnitude -4, which is about equivalent to Venus at its brightest. That meteor created an explosion so loud that it blew out windows and damaged thousands of buildings and injured about 1,500 people.

The observers map for the Feb 6, 2017 meteor sighting, showing the locations of the witnesses, and the trajectory deduced from their reports.

The video was re-posted on Twitter by the National Weather Service in Chicago.

"In this profession, we see so many things that the public doesn't" get to see, Dexter said in a written statement from the Lisle Police Department. Footage from several police and security cameras captured a striking ball of light falling from the sky at about 7:24AM GMT (1:24AM CT), which disappeared after a final blast.