Kristen Stewart: 'I'm like, so gay, dude'

Kristen Stewart: 'I'm like, so gay, dude'

The actress began by promoting Twilight which, she said, "has been on iTunes for eight years", and soon proceeded to slam the president for his tweets against her after she broke up with Robert Pattinson.

She got good audience reaction to some Donald Trump jokes, and a couple "SNL" cast members helped her spoof her "too cool for school" image.

In an interview with Elle UK previous year, she explained that "dating a girl" forced her to be more open about her relationships than when she was dating men. The actress started by addressing President Donald Trumps' tweets about her and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

'Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. At the end of her monologue, the over-enthusiastic actress (oh, the irony!) dropped an F-bomb while introducing musical guest Alessia Cara.

Since then, the whole thing has been simmering under the surface until Trump was elected president and K-Stew opened up about how 'obsessed' he had been with her all those years ago.

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Kristen Stewart kicked off Saturday Night Live with a bang on Saturday, February 4, addressing Donald Trump's tweets, dropping the F-bomb and calling herself "so gay" at one point during her opening monologue. It deserves so much better, "wrote, in October 2012, who was then only a high-profile businessman". She's also got a huge fan base, so there is certainly some merit in bringing her back on the basis of that. Here's how I know. It was during that night when she ripped off into one of the show's favourite topics about US President Donald Trump about his Twitter post on 2012. As usual, "SNL" didn't shy away from its political commentary and this week's episode was full of Trump references ranging from sketches about him working for the devil to a newly made USA customs video. I was expecting her to be more stiff and less engaged in the sketches, something akin to Casey Affleck's hosting stint, but she did a solid job with the roles she was given.

It was only last week that Kristen was seen out and about with her current lady love, Stella Maxwell. And when she was inquired whether she would be interested of coming back if there is another book, she stated that "I would definitely be the first to read it, yeah".

"I don't think Donald Trump hated me".

"I don't think he likes me very much".