Donald Trump is absolutely terrible at shaking hands

Donald Trump is absolutely terrible at shaking hands

Many Senate Democrats are still enraged at the almost year-long blockade put forth by their Republican counterparts, stunting President Barack Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat vacated by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump's choice sets up a second straight year of bitter partisanship over the court seat, which was left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia last year.

"If this nominee can not meet the same standard that Republicans insisted upon for President Obama's Supreme Court nominees, 60 votes in the Senate, then the problem lies not with the Senate but with the nominee, " Schumer said. "But since that is not to be, one basic criterion should be paramount: Is the nominee someone who will stand up for the rule of law and say no to a president or Congress that strays beyond the Constitution and laws?"

The "nuclear option" would allow Senate Republicans to overrule the Democrats with a simple majority vote of 51 votes.

"President Trump has chosen his first nominee, but it remains Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's Supreme Court". Does that happen anymore?

Paying tribute to the 49-year-old, Mr Trump said: "Judge Gorsuch is an exceptionally qualified person from the standpoint of experience and education". Gorsuch is an impressive jurist, and that judgment goes beyond his Harvard law background, his clerking for two U.S. Supreme Court justices and the acclaim he's received as a judge and professor. Although President Obama soon thereafter nominated Judge Merrick Garland - the chief judge of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit - to fill the vacancy, Senate Republicans refused to consider the nomination, saying the matter would be left to the victor of November's election.

"He is the man of our country, a man who our country really needs, to ensure the rule of law and justice, I only hope that Democrats and Republicans can come together, for once, for the good of the country", Trump concluded.

Flynn pointed to Iranian support for Houthi forces that over the last six months have, with Iranian arming and training, struck Emirati and Saudi ships, as well as recent Iranian ballistic missile tests he says violate a UN Security Council resolution. They must win Senate confirmation with at least 60 votes from the 100 members, meaning he will need some support from Democrats.

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"I applaud President Trump's nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court". If Gorsuch fills the spot, the Supreme Court's balance won't change.

Gorsuch has "a superb intellect, an unparalleled legal education, and a commitment to interpreting the Constitution according to its text", Trump said.

"I've argued before Judge Gorsuch", Lee said.

Liberal lawyers agreed that the judge, who has served a decade on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, had the legal qualifications for the high court.

Baldwin said would fully review Gorsuch's record. "I look forward to seeing Judge Gorsuch confirmed by the Senate as soon as possible".

Democrats, who were unable to flip enough seats to retake the Senate majority in 2016, are in a tough spot in the 2018.

"We took some unprecedented actions today due to the unprecedented obstruction on the part of our colleagues", said Senate Finance Committee chair Orrin Hatch. This is the first time a Senate majority has stolen a seat.