How Corinne became the most successful 'Bachelor' villain of all time

Taylor tries to tell Corinne that she doesn't have the emotional maturity to marry Nick.

We definitely aren't surprised to see Corinne rolling around in the sand topless, because she took off her bra on the second episode of The Bachelor for a steamy wedding photo shoot with Nick, and even asked him to hold her boobs for her! More on that later.

In the rose ceremony that was supposed to happen last week, Taylor gets another predictable last rose, and Nick sends home two perfectly normal girls. "[Nick] was in love with two different women and he didn't know what to do".

ABC takes a crack at horror film editing for this week's group date, which takes us to The Houmas House, a haunted plantation outside New Orleans. They strolled through the French Market sampling oysters, played with alligator heads, and smooched all over the place for tourists and non-tourists to see. In there, he first met with Rachel for a one-on-one date. Cliff-hanger! Will Corinne finally show her true mean-girl personality to Nick? Do you think one of them might win? "Make America Corinne again", the blonde beauty gushed before making her way to the most anticipated two-on-one date in Bachelor history. Taylor also said Corinne didn't have "emotional intelligence". The woman shocked us all with her undeniable class, charm, intelligence and downright cool-girl vibes. He takes them on a tour, pointing out a mysterious object shrouded in a sheet - which Boo refuses to reveal on the grounds that it would make the spirit mad - and May's own creepy-ass doll.

Nick Viall is in the middle of finding love for the fourth time on The Bachelor franchise, and what was 30 women has been whittled down to 12 in just five weeks. Sorry, girls. Interestingly, Astrid and Sarah each snagged 1 percent of the vote despite getting eliminated during Monday's episode.

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"I am not a patient person and I have been telling him from the beginning that it's been hard to get the first impression rose and then wonder like, where is your date, when is it coming?" "Whoever he chooses he's going to choose", Corinne keeps saying like it's a statement that carries any meaning whatsoever.

Be honest: You're not tuning in anymore to see if Nick can f**k up love for the fourth time.

But she wasn't letting things end like that.

When the two were left alone together, the verbal fight broke out, as each questioned whether the other actually knows how to do her job. There's just "too tense" for them to have it done at the same time, or something. Similarly to how Corinne was right about Taylor's stank face, she was also right about Taylor's spiritual connection to the swamp - though not how she ever would have thought.

We start in the midst of an argument between the resident villain, Corinne, and mental health counselor Taylor. But is this really the end?