[ January 30, 2017 ] EDITORIAL: Time is running out on Obamacare Featured

[ January 30, 2017 ] EDITORIAL: Time is running out on Obamacare Featured

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services show Wisconsin is following suit, as of January 14, more than 235,000 Wisconsinites have signed up for health care compared to about 220,000 past year. "There may eventually be major change in the health insurance law". It's possible the DOJ might use the executive order as "cover" should it stop participating in the cases, but it doesn't need to, he said. Orr said prior to the ACA, purchasing her own insurance was too expensive, so she avoided visiting the doctor and maintained a healthy lifestyle. They're working toward the goal of repealing Obamacare, without a particularly clear vision of what exactly comes next. The Trump administration has halted up to $5 million worth of Obamacare advertising during that time.

"The thing we are most engaged with right now in Congress is a battle about whether the Affordable Care Act will be repealed or whether it will be fixed". For example, the initial price of a second-lowest-cost silver plan for a 27-year-old Pennsylvanian with an income of $25,000 would be $327 a month, according to HHS. The day was coordinated and publicized by Protect Our Patients - a grassroots movement by medical students for equitable health care access - for schools to come together in protest of Congress' potential repeal of the ACA.

More than 20 million people have gained insurance coverage since the health care law was passed in 2010, bringing the nation's uninsured rate to a historic low of around 9 percent. He says for those who don't sign up by Tuesday, they won't be able to obtain coverage until next year. Obamacare just hasn't worked, and this misguided law needs to be repealed. That's about 100,000 more than past year at the same time. "A number of health plan leaders told congressional Republicans that they would not say that, said the officials, who asked not be identified for fear of antagonizing the GOP". "With more people insured, the cost of providing care that was previously not paid for [uncompensated care] falls".

Consumers who have been on the fence about signing up should consider enrolling before the deadline expires, experts said.

8th District voters rallied outside of Congressman Mike Bishop's office in Brighton this afternoon in show of support of the Affordable Care Act.

Rather, they should improve on the ACA by finding solutions to its problems, such as the rising premiums (which could be solved by getting more people on the plan).

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"We'll lose 90,000 health care jobs if it's repealed without replacement; hospitals will delay construction and expansion", Durbin, D-Ill., said during the public discussion at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield.

Prevents insurance companies from rescinding coverage.

It also should be recalled that Republican Gov. Mitt Romney's widely praised 2006 Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan drew many policy ideas from the 1993 plan and, as is widely known, was the template for Obamacare.

There's one other Obamacare issue that's key for former service members.

According to one father whose daughter suffers from epilepsy he said, "she has a pre-existing condition which is epilepsy, she is now under our insurance but if the ACA is repealed she is in a situation where that is definitely a pre-existing condition and if she goes off of our insurance she could be refused coverage".