What the Women's March was missing

What the Women's March was missing

In 2009, it is said there were approximately 1.8 million people who attended the swearing in of the first African American President of the United States, not counting the people who were watching at home.

Their signs - ranging from the size of an envelope to almost six feet tall; some made by small children ("EVERYONE IN THIS CITY IS NICE") and some depicting Vladimir Putin using Donald Trump as a marionette - told the story of the 2016 presidential campaign from the perspective of those who lost: one in which a former reality show star who shattered behavioral norms and won the presidency on the backs of refugees and minorities and immigrants and women.

Estimated participants worldwide: nearly 5 million people.

Do not assume that if women organize a march, they did not vote or it is exclusively about women's issues. Women of all backgrounds were present. The people who are afraid of physical violence because of the religion or their nationality or their sexual orientation.

The Women's March also protested the poor treatment and violent rhetoric against religious and ethnic minorities.

As for ongoing debate over the "huge" numbers, or lack thereof, at the inauguration, Tucker said there is no doubt in her mind, the women's march trumped inauguration day numbers. This was not only a message to President Trump (though plenty of scrutiny was directed his way). At the age of 25, riding a white horse, she led a parade of feminists from every state in the union down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. It was the day of Woodrow Wilson's presidential inauguration, and they were demanding the right to vote.

There are many women in my life that are extremely important to me.

"I attended the event as an intersectional feminist, an Asian woman, and a daughter of refugee parents - a woman of certain sorts", said senior Ann Nguyen, who covered the march as an Elle scholar.

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Junior Emily Aranda was among the first to sign up for the Women's Center bus, and brought her family experience to the march. It does not challenge anyone to dismantle racism or white supremacy. They came together for a day of unity to organize, be heard, and protest the new administration. These are life and death situations because of the hatred Trump has cultivated during his campaign.

Yet, in my concern for inclusion and acknowledgment of intersectionality, I realized I had let my own privilege as a cis-gender woman blind me. They were forced to fight for legal personhood, and the right to use contraceptives, the right to vote, equal pay and reproductive freedom and paid medical leave.

"I marched because I am a first generation, Hispanic woman who believes deeply in my responsibility to others", Aranda said.

I truly want to know why I completely do not understand why women felt the need to march on our nation's capital.

"Can't we rise above the sniping about 'privilege, ' 'white feminism, ' 'intersectionality, ' and hierarchies of grievance in the face of Trump and the dangers he poses to the American and global liberal world order and women everywhere?" Milholland did not live to see the enfranchisement of women; she died three years later. This is simply not true. The marches were peaceful, by all accounts, another factor that favors respecting their participants and messages in future policy discussions in Washington, Harrisburg and elsewhere. However, we are criminalized regardless of that fact. "I don't know about you, but I'm not going backwards". Police responded by arresting 90 people.

"This march is a powerful step forward and taking a step way from the issues I've talked about, it's incredible to see so many people be politically active that's never been seen before", Seligman said. A woman of color who is also a lesbian faces oppression because she's a woman, non-white, and not straight. And I marched as a reminder to our representatives in Washington that they are bound by an oath to represent all those in their districts.

"I am in complete awe of this march, all it has shown me, the myriad of ways it has inspired me, empowered me and planted a seed of hope within me", said freshman Alice Romanov. The pussy was used to stand for the civil liberties that all humans deserve but are unjustly regulated by politicians who do not care about the issues.

Just a note on that: enroute to the American border at the Thousand Islands, we had heard that people were turned away from the border for wearing their pink hats.