Betty White Remembers Friend and Costar Mary Tyler Moore: 'She Was Special'

Betty White Remembers Friend and Costar Mary Tyler Moore: 'She Was Special'

MOORE: (As Mary Richards) I won't. There were dating episodes, and a couple guys lasted more than one episode - very few, but a couple.

"My folks watched that show religiously and I swear I got a lot of my sense of humor from it", Froberg says. When the Fox 9 Buzz crew dressed up as Mary Tyler Moore characters in 2013, Kendall said dressing up as Mary was "a dream come true!"

Mary Tyler Moore was announced last Wednesday after her death at CT. "It's great she gave back to the community". Kendall said it's no secret she's a fan. But she widened the circle; she showed the world T1D wasn't just a disease of children.

In real life, Moore and her longtime physician husband, Robert Levine, lived in a stately mansion on two adjacent parcels of almost 6.5 acres in ultra-wealthy Greenwich, Conn. She lived with it for nearly 50 years, along with complications like vision loss. Our society affords me more flexibility than either of those characters had to combine the two in a attractive way. Mary didn't act like anyone I knew exactly (I was surrounded by adults who had an nearly irritating obsession with bucking convention), but she was an archetype nonetheless, and she made adult life look both manageable and thrillingly cozy. And I went into double, triple overtime. She was filled with youthful confidence that she would make it on her own in Minneapolis. "And Mary said, 'Does acute loneliness count?' And I said, 'Yes'".

What the Women's March was missing
Junior Emily Aranda was among the first to sign up for the Women's Center bus, and brought her family experience to the march. The people who are afraid of physical violence because of the religion or their nationality or their sexual orientation.

Hope you will tune it Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM! But before Mary, if you saw a woman without a partner at the center of a TV comedy, she was probably a widow like Diahann Carroll's single mom on "Julia" or Lucille Ball on her later show "The Lucy Show". This week, after returning from 18 days in Israel, I have a funeral to go to today. She is an icon and a friend. Two nights ago my husband and I attended a memorial service for another friend's mother who passed away.

"Even now looking at this picture I want to cry". If only we can remember in the everyday moments.

During the Civil War, her great-grandfather Louis T. Moore owned what is now the Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum, a home to the general for several months.

"20/20" will take viewers on a journey through Moore's television and film performances including her start in an appliance television commercials; trailblazing role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" as Mary Richards, a single, independent television journalist; critically acclaimed performance in the movie 'Ordinary People, ' for which she received a best actress Oscar nomination; and more.