Tax refunds to be delayed for millions of low-income families

About 6.5 million taxpayers without health insurance paid penalties in 2015.

The health insurance law also provides assistance for people to pay their health insurance premiums.

There are some major changes this year that will impact how long you have to file your return and when you could potentially receive your refunds. The breaches involved the compromise of over 464,000 unique social security numbers (SSN), and of that total, 330,000 SSNs were used to successfully access an electronic file (E-file) personal identification number (PIN).

The IRS also says to never sign a blank return with the intention that it be filled out later. Filing your return without a W-2 or other required document makes it more likely your return will need manual review.

Even though household income in many rural areas is below the national average, many of these taxpayers are often not aware that they may qualify for EITC.

"Everybody has a different tax filing situation, maybe you have a really complex one or maybe you have a simple one, whatever you're most comfortable with", Connelly said.

Now, the deadline is the same, January 31, for the employer to get the form to both the employee and the government.

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There will also be fewer audits this year, thanks to budget cuts by congress that left the IRS with over 5,000 fewer auditors since 2010.

As such, eligibility is based on marital status, income and the number of qualifying children in the household. "This year, we had a number of important legislative changes to program into our systems, including the EITC refund date, as well as dealing with resource limitations". In 2013, 2014, 2015 and again previous year, the administration paid these tax refunds out of the General Fund and without borrowing.

It's the time of year many Americans dread.

Koskinen said the agency is making progress.

"Knowing how much you owe early has benefits because it will give you more time to set up a payment plan to put the money aside".

Tulino says Congress anxious that these two refundable tax credits are being requested fraudulently. The EITC is a federal income tax credit for working people who don't earn a lot ($53,505 or less for 2016) and meet certain eligibility requirements. If you're due a refund and submit your return early, you might get your hands on that money sooner. The PATH Act made the Earned Income Tax Credits permanent, but in order to garner Republican support for the bill, the fraud and identity theft provisions were included.

Tax season is here and some of you may be feeling the time crunch to get yours filed, with the deadline now less than three months away.