Celebrities Show Support for Women's Marches Around the World

Celebrities Show Support for Women's Marches Around the World

news/post-politics/wp/2016/10/29/yes-donald-trumps-crowds-are-big-but-not-quite-as-yuge-as-he-often-claims/?utm_term=.7075460d473b" target="_blank">Massive crowds of women across the country participated in various Women's Marches on Saturday to protest the election of Donald Trump, and now the 45th president has responded to their efforts.

"I look forward to working hand in hand with you to ensure peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region, and to address various challenges the worldwide community faces", he said. Police said the number of protesters was closer to 3,000, as people chanted "women united will never be defeated" and carried anti-Trump signs supporting women's rights.

By comparison, Metro recorded 193,000 trips as of 11 a.m. a day prior on Inauguration Day, the Post reported.

As President Donald Trump took the oath of office this morning, WhiteHouse.gov underwent its customary makeover to reflect the agenda of the new Commander in Chief. "Everything Obama did will be taken down, we'll go back to before abortion, before birth control; it's very depressing to me and it's not the world I want my children to live in". "And yes, together we will make America great again".

US Uncut said that based on numbers tallied by UConn professor Jeremy Pressman, the current total estimate of those who attended the marches (excluding those who demonstrated in other countries) sits between 3.2 million and 4.2 million. For weeks after his election, he dismissed conclusions reached by the US intelligence community that Russia had meddled in the election in an effort to help him win, only acknowledging shortly before his inauguration that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered hacking into the computer of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta.

The statement said Trump's administration would free the nation from dependence on foreign oil, and was "committed to clean coal technology, and to reviving America's coal industry, which has been hurting for too long". "That last month of the campaign we knew that something special was happening".

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Trump addressed supporters who he called "the forgotten man and the forgotten woman".

He thanked his family, and promised to work "so hard" to "get it turned around". We have made other country's rich, while the wealth and strength of our country has dissipated over the horizon.That is the past. "It's going to change", he said.

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