Advocates declare the end of January National School Choice Week

We need school choice now more than ever because these bullies, many of them wearing red to protest DeVos' confirmation, have gained too much power. However, the rest of charter students are performing at the same level or worse as their peers in public schools, so it is not an open and shut case.

She is a great American who, in the tradition of our nation's founders, has the courage of her convictions and continues to make personal and familial sacrifices in order to expand educational freedom and opportunities for others. Without proper funding, the services they provide will be inadequate, and while private schools might seem like the right solution to funding issues, the idea of selected admission and lack of requirements for standard of education can result in a lot of under-educated children. Betsy DeVos has given of herself to help underprivileged kids she does not know gain access to a quality education.

In one of many testy exchanges that took place at the MI billionaire's hearing Tuesday evening, Democratic Senator Al Franken, of Minnesota, started off with a wonky-sounding prompt that could've easily caused many viewers to tune out: "I would like your views on the relative advantage of assessments and using them to measure proficiency and growth", he said, noting that he's a staunch advocate of focusing on growth.

Democrats have criticized DeVos on her confirmation hearings thus far.

Besides the questions surrounding her familiarity with public school, many liberals and conservatives have noticed that DeVos' stances on early childhood and higher education issues remain unclear.

But she was, at best, hazy on a host of education matters that will be big parts of what she is responsible for, assuming she is confirmed. They do not steal funds away from public schools, because they are public schools. "I think experience may be overrated for what she needs to do", he said.

"Suddenly, you had hundreds of kids with no school and nowhere to go, but there wasn't any state funding attached to them anymore, so no one wanted to take them", she said. Darkly shaded states are those where growth for all students accounts for at least half of a school's rating.

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Teachers unions are the most vocal opponents of school choice.

The schools of South Dakota and Minnesota have a national reputation of being very strong and for turning out excellent students and workers. How should we determine what these expectations are, against which these judgments are made? As he signed, he remarked on several of his choices, saying of DeVos, "Ah, Betsy". Clearly an important question.

"I don't see her as not qualified", said David Hardy, CEO of Boys' Latin Charter School.

Effrem continued that while DeVos said she would not support a federal school choice law, that response is in conflict to her other answers regarding "accountability". But, he noted, the power of the federal government over states has lessened with the demise of the federal No Child Left Behind law regulating K-12 education and the enactment of its successor law, the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Here is a direct quote from the piece: "She and her husband, Dick DeVos, are remarkably civic-minded people who give back generously to our state in a multitude of ways".

She acknowledged under questioning from Vermont Sen. One of the responsibilities of the education department is to regulate for-profit colleges, notorious for their predatory student loan practices that saddle students with thousands of dollars of debt without any meaningful degree to show for it.

To some, it may not seem like she accomplished much, but she has done incredible things, considering she does have a significant cognitive disability. Warren's hypocrisy disqualifies her from sitting in judgment of DeVos. If DeVos pursued that change, reporting sexual violence would become much more problematic for college students and would likely contribute to the systemic silencing of assault survivors.