Mainers Speak Out against Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Mainers Speak Out against Repeal of Affordable Care Act

"We are looking for something that works over the long haul".

Some Democrats believe that the Republicans could still hurt their chances of re-election by ignoring their constituents.

With the House and Senate moving forward with their plan to disassemble the Affordable Care Act through a budget resolution, much of the focus has been on the millions of people who would be affected by losing insurance that they purchase directly through an exchange.

Republicans like Paul Ryan call the program a disaster and claim it's in a death spiral.

Community Advocate Tatiana Parker said, "Let's try to put our political ideals aside and really get down to the basis that these are real people that we're dealing with". Some of the Medicare and Medicaid cuts resulted from the ACA and were meant to be offset with revenue from newly insured patients, he said. There are 6.3 million people in Republican districts who enrolled due to the marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act - compared to only 5.2 million who reside in Democratic districts. As one mother told The Los Angeles Times recently, her daughter, who has a congenital heart condition, could "die without these protections" afforded to her through the ACA. The people who are the weakest are going to lose. Medical debt was a leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. The existing protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions would continue without Obamacare. "Rather than go down this unsafe path, let's roll up our sleeves and work on a bipartisan solution that will increase access to insurance, bring down the cost of care, and lower prescription drug prices". Adult children can stay on their parents' insurance plans until they're 26 years old. The average out-of-pocket cost for monthly premiums, according to a study published in Health Affairs, is $156 a month after Obamacare subsidies.

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"You know there are many people talking about many forms of health care where people with no money aren't covered".

Obamacare didn't crash the economy or bankrupt the country like Republicans predicted. More than 1.1 million Floridians are now receiving benefits to lower their out-of-pocket costs. Private insurance companies, again, are Obamacare, and vice versa. Mr. Trump promised his insurance reform will cover more people and cost less money. The theater was not crowded, but they chose to sit in the handicap seats until I commented that they did not appear handicapped to me.

Drugmakers didn't see a big increase in volume following the enactment of the Affordable Care Act because numerous roughly 20 million Americans who gained their insurance under the law are young, and aren't big users of prescription medicines, Jimenez said.

However, few of the 300-million-plus Americans will be affected by such moves, and his promises to tear up trade agreements and erect tariff walls won't find much sympathy with the Republican majority in Congress.