Nintendo Switch Pre-Order: Nintendo NY Will Take Reservations Jan. 13

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order: Nintendo NY Will Take Reservations Jan. 13

This livestream will showcase all of the games announced during the Nintendo Switch Direct.

Out of the 4,500 developers who participated in the survey, via, 50% feel Nintendo Switch will outsell Wii U.

Also unknown is how many Switches will be available for preorder tomorrow, so far Nintendo has only revealed it would be a "limited" quantity.

The Nintendo Switch is less than a day away from its official launch in Tokyo. To watch, you can visit this link to watch it on Nintendo's website.

While launch titles are certainly one of the most anticipated reveals of the night, don't hold your breath: Nintendo will hold a second event to showcase gameplay footage just 12 hours later.

We'll also probably find out some of the more user-friendly system specs like storage capability.

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The Nintendo Switch is expected to cost $250.

Another key difference between the Switch and other game consoles is its use of cartridges.

Since its initial reveal and trailer last Fall, Nintendo has been tight-lipped about any details regarding their new upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. I'm on pins and needles for tonight, and I'm sure you are too! The video below offers a preview of the Nintendo Switch gaming system. Although it may not be the most powerful, that screen and processor will probably be a little more taxing on battery life than a 3DS, so how long will it last?

You'll likely already know that Nintendo are going for a best of both worlds approach and making the Switch a fully portable console with detachable "Joy-Con" controllers and a dock for playing on your TV at home. The only time that the public gets to try out the Switch will be on January 15.

Maybe I'm wrong, but even with a stellar lineup, I can not see a group of my friends gathering on a roof to play video games on a tiny screen using little Joy Con controllers.