Federation Internationale de Football Association announces World Cup will expand to 48 teams

Federation Internationale de Football Association announces World Cup will expand to 48 teams

Starting at the yet-to-be-determined 2026 location, though, 16 groups of three teams will kick off a preliminary stage which will see the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout round (which will feature 32 teams). "As a club manager, if the expansion meant more games, less holidays and less pre-season for players, I would say no", the Portuguese told Fifa's website (www.fifa.com).

It is expected that FIFA's revenue will increase by nearly €600 million as a result of the new format.

"Many more countries will have the chance to dream", Infantino said. Many have emphasized that 48 teams is way too many and that 32 is the most ideal number for providing the highest quality of play. Each of us has a wish list in our minds and want to ensure that our teams do well from an expanded tournament.

"To be elected he promised more countries at the World Cup".

American, Canadian and Mexican soccer leaders have had informal talks about a co-hosting bid.

According to their official website, the decision was passed unanimously after the governing body held a third meeting in Zurich over the 9th and 10th of this month.

2016 FIFA Extraordinary Election Congress Zurich Feb 26th
Federation Internationale de Football Association announces World Cup will expand to 48 teams

Africa and Asia could be the big winners with a rise in their number of World Cup places - now five for Africa and between four and five for Asia. Anything that makes it easier for teams like Ireland to reach a major finals has to be positive. "The extra money the tournament generates will be reinvested back into football".

Doyle doesn't believe that the addition of teams will cheapen the tournament either.

Currently, eligible teams are organized into four groups of eight that play concurrently in an initial round.

Ideally, Fifa may have wanted to preserve the 32-team format while reallocating places to Africa and Asia but this has proved impossible in the past, leading to expansion first from 16 to 24 for the 1982 tournament, then from 24 to 32 for 1998. Therefore a number of tie-breaking scenarios are under consideration, including nations' world rankings, something which would be decided prior to the tournament, and the possibility of penalty shoot-outs being introduced in the group stages. And with so many football associations in his debt, general secretary Gianni Infantino will feel untouchable. There is set to be a battle between the six confederations for the 16 extra spots.

That contest, won by Uruguay, had just 13 countries.

North America is the strong favorite for 2026 because European and Asian countries are blocked by a Federation Internationale de Football Association rule excluding continents which hosted either of the two previous tournaments.

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