Snapdragon 835 has come to make your Device more Powerful: CES 2017

Chipmaker Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 835 mobile processor, set to power most of the premium smartphones in 2017, has been detailed in several leaks ahead of its showcase at CES 2017 on Tuesday (Wednesday morning, in India). The company is also showing off an interactive racing game.

At the end of a year ago, Qualcomm announced a collaboration with Microsoft that will see Windows 10 run on a Snapdragon mobile processors, with support for all the apps you'd expect, including Photoshop, Office, and more. The Snapdragon 835 powered Galaxy S8 variant will support all the mentioned features, the Exynos processor powered worldwide variant is also likely to get them.

It was also noted that the new processor\ will be better able to stabilize 4K video.

From a quad-core 820/821 past year, the 835 features an octa-core Kryo 280 that continues to use a big.LITTLE architecture for a 20% performance boost in app load times, web browsing, and VR. The new processor is also supporting both dual photodiodes for cameras, as well as improvements with the autofocusing system.

In terms of video capture, you can shoot up to 4K UltraHD content at 30fps and 4K UltraHD video playback at 60fps with support for H.264 as well as H.265 codecs.

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"When we ask OEMs: Where do you want to differentiate?"

The 10nm FinFET manufacturing process contributes to the overall efficiency of the processor.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 is included which means you can add 5 hours of talk time (if you still talk on your phone) with just 5 minutes of charging. Real-world use cases include object recognition for better photos, real-time hand-tracking for immersive VR, voice recognition for a low-power virtual assistant, and biometric authentication that knows and protects users. These are: "ultra-fast charging and multi-day battery life, jaw-dropping virtual and live immersion, the most advanced camera capabilities, gigabit LTE connectivity, and inside-out security". We will need to test this thoroughly when the Quick Charge 4 launches. The Kryo 280 is the first processor built on ARM's new semi-custom program called "Built on ARM Cortex Technology" that allows a partner like Qualcomm to take an off-the-shelf core (such as the Cortex-A73) and make modifications to it and rebrand it. With that said, the leaked Qualcomm slide reveals that the efficiency core will be used on 80% of the occasions.

Speaking about the impending availability of the chip, Keith Kressin, SVP of Product Management at Qualcomm, said: "It's going to be in a large volume of devices".

The report further claims Snapdragon 835 features Haven Security Platform that provides three layers of security (SoC, device, system).