Our say: We won't become Electoral College dropouts

Our say: We won't become Electoral College dropouts

Calls to abolish the Electoral College have not been taken seriously in the past, but many argue that Trump's loss of the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton by 2.8 million vote-the largest losing margin in history for a victor of the electoral vote-means the system mandated by the U.S. Constitution has outdated its usefulness.

"Should anyone be surprised that more Democrats voted against Clinton than Republicans voted against Trump in Monday's Electoral College run-off for the presidency?" Others hoped they would vote for anyone other than Donald Trump. Trump needed just 270 votes to win and he easily achieved that.

There were anti-Trump protesters at many state capitols where the voting was taking place.

More Americans voted for Clinton than any other unsuccessful presidential candidate in US history.

Clinton is only the fifth candidate in USA history to win the popular vote yet lose the Electoral College, joining Al Gore from 2000, Andrew Jackson from 1824, Samuel Tilden from 1876 and Grover Cleveland from 1888.

Some Democrats have argued that the Electoral College is undemocratic because it gives more weight to less populated states. States get the same number of electoral votes as they do representatives and senators in Congress. Clinton receive 232 electoral votes.

Cuomo, who worked under former President Clinton as HUD secretary, delivered a kind of eulogy for the Clintons as he presided over the event in the Senate chamber, which included a choral group from Albany High School who sang "God Bless America".

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Our say: We won't become Electoral College dropouts

Sen. Dick Durbin called to abolish the Electoral College Wednesday, days after electors confirmed President-elect Donald Trump's November victory.

The truth is that Trump is the president-elect because he won three so-called Rust belt states -Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin - by less than 1 percentage point in each instance or a little less than a combined 78,000 votes.

It seems the man who came so close to being our very first "first gentlemen" recently discussed the election with some residents of his Chappaqua, New York while doing some holiday shopping. In the current system, Hillary Clinton's combined 5.8 million-vote margin in California and NY didn't benefit her.

Hillary Clinton would have won the Electoral College if none of the votes from Appalachia counted.

Seven Democrats and seven Republicans won the 14 elections before Trump.

There is no provision in federal law or the U.S. Constitution that requires electors to vote in accordance with their state's popular vote totals, but ME has a state law that addresses the matter.

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