Nintendo Switch's performance expected to double when docked

Nintendo Switch's performance expected to double when docked

After the news that VentureBeat confirmed that the Nintendo Switch would use a Tegra chip similar to the Nvidia Shield TV, Eurogamer has chimed in confirming the exact specifications, and an interesting detail: the Switch can run with its GPU processing at a lower clockspeed when in portable, undocked mode.

Gamers will look forward to an exciting game experience this year as Nintendo releases the Nintendo Switch.

Now, with new information uncovered, Eurogamer has returned with an even more detailed article regarding the power of the Switch. These two games are very different from each other, but they do have one thing in common-they're also coming to other home console platforms.

Ultimately we'll have to wait until physical benchmark tests are run to get a real idea of just how powerful the Nintendo Switch really is. As for what the extra power is used for, sources are saying the Switch console's handheld screen is a 720p display.

Khronos updated the list of "conformant products" with Vulkan, OpenGL 4.5 and OpenGL ES to include the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

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Previously a Wii U exclusive, LEGO City Undercover is making its way to the next generation of Nintendo hardware. That's not to mention the performance impact of any of the as-yet-unknown architectural tweaks Nintendo and Nvidia will have made to the Switch hardware. All these examples saw the former surpass the latter in terms of install base size, and the number of systems sold spells interest for developers to develop for a console.

From a purely CPU point of view, the Tegra X1 operates at 1020MHz, and this will not change in either docked or portable configurations.

"To tune in, visit on Friday, 13 January at 5am CET / 4am GMT to hear about new Nintendo Switch details you won't want to miss!" However, Digital Foundry says developers will be able to retain full memory bandwidth if they wish. That's about half a regular Tegra X1 SoC's peak CPU speeds but in this chip Nvidia hasn't gone for an ARM big.LITTLE design, instead it has gone 4 x big...

It was recently reported that the specs for the Nintendo Switch has been detailed and released to fans all over, Gamespot has learned. However, according to various reports from consumers, it appears that Nintendo is going one step beyond merely ending production of the system, with the console manufacturer seemingly recalling all Wii U systems from major retailers.