Chinese government sees red after Trump dials Taiwan prez

Chinese government sees red after Trump dials Taiwan prez

Donald Trump anchored his presidential campaign on defying convention and flouting political norms, and it worked better than anyone ever expected.

Some netizens questioned if barring all Chinese tourists from visiting Taiwan is the punishment China is capable of and said it is welcome.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi played down Trump's telephone talk with Tsai, dismissing it as a "small trick by Taiwan" that can not change the One-China framework or damage Sino-US ties.

"It might earn Tsai Ing-wen a round of applause now, but it'll be detrimental to Taiwan's development in the long run", said Jin Canrong, an associate dean of the Renmin University's School of International Studies in Beijing and an adviser to China's national legislature. At the weekend, China lodged a diplomatic protest with the USA over the call - it wasn't clear if the protest was made directly to Trump's transition team - but blamed Taiwan for the "petty action".

Conway said she thinks people "just have their hair on fire".

"He said that over the course of the campaign".

This is "unprecedented and is good news" for Taiwan, said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, director of government and worldwide studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, who has written books about Taiwan.

But Douglas Paal, a former director of the American Institute in Taiwan, which unofficially represents U.S. interests in Taipei, said it was too soon to judge whether Mr Trump was going to lead that shift, or if the incident was just a "complicated accident".

"The more China reacts to the call, the more Trump will get pumped up", another said.

This is not about a national policy stance change; it was the mistake of one man.

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America shifted diplomatic recognition to China from Taiwan in 1979.

China is likely to be trying to identify whether this signals any intent on the part of Trump to alter long-standing USA policy toward Taiwan, Glaser said.

The statement said the pair discussed important policy points, "in particular, to promote the domestic economy and strengthen national defence, allowing the people better lives and a guarantee of security".

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd asked Pence if accepting the call was meant to be an intentional message to the Chinese, who have already complained about the conversation between the Taiwanese leader and the president-elect.

Another said Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council has made many phone calls across the strait through the political hotline set up by the Ma Ying-jeou administration, but the PRC didn't want to take the calls, and now it's reacting to the Trump-Tsai call like insane.

Engaging directly with Taiwan might lead instead to "some sense of rebalancing" of USA relations with Taiwan and China, Yates said. "There is no conflict (in that)", he told reporters in Taipei on Saturday.

China dismissed the call as a "petty action" by the self-ruled island it claims as its own.

Taiwan is considered a sensitive issue between the US and China, which were each other's biggest trading partners a year ago, exchanging goods and services worth $627 billion. But China benefits from closer ties, which advance its ultimate goal of reunification, and must be careful not to appear too aggressive and alienate more Taiwanese. Xi has vowed a hard line against what the Communist Party sees as separatist behavior, whether in Taiwan, Hong Kong or the country's frontier regions of Tibet and Xinjiang. "China has been increasingly aggressive with us because they know we won't do anything meaningful about it". The vast majority of nations choose to recognize Beijing as the sole government of China.

But in addition to the fact of the call, the manner in which he announced the dialogue is also significant.