Anti-Trump electors raising money off effort

Wednesday on the Senate floor, Sen.

01 de diciembre de 2016, 09:17Washington, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) Electoral College members in the state of Colorado today continue their efforts to create a non-profit organization to try to block Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. They are won in the electoral college, where states based on their population assign delegates who vote for the presidential candidates. Now, clearly this has nothing to do with this past election.

"However, by waiting two weeks, we have undermined our credibility with the public and will be seen as sore losers", Mollineau added. "I've had death wishes or people just saying 'I hope you die.' Or, 'Do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus, '" he said.

Democrat Hillary Clinton will not be the next USA president, but her popular vote lead over President-elect Donald Trump continues to expand in late ballot counting. Meanwhile, Clinton collected a huge vote advantage in California, where absentee vote counting is still going on, and NY, which gives her the national popular vote lead. But Trump would answer that he'd have gotten more votes if he'd campaigned in those places. Because voters don't directly elect presidents.

I knew Al Fonzi was a hard right ideologue, but some of the points he made in his November 24 commentary ("It's not about racism") were delusional.

The Giants and the London Trip: Great Opportunity to Build Bonds
Of course, the 2007 trip wasn’t very conducive; the team went to the practice field the moment they landed in London. The NFL is a little more complicated; there are always new faces coming into the fold, new rookies and free agents.

Anti-Trump forces, primarily made up of Democrats, have launched a lobbying effort targeted at persuading 37 Republican electors to cast their vote on December 19 for a candidate other than Trump, according to Politico. Generations of Americans of every gender, race, religion and ideology have marched and struggled and died to secure this fundamental freedom, and yet we have a system where the victor can lose, where the victor can lose.

While the effort may not bring any tangible results, it's certainly a symbolic representation of the antipathy many people have for the president-elect.

Trump's win of 306 electoral votes? We're not a democracy.

Complaints about this election do not consider the effects of fraud in voting or counting. To have that vote count. One person, one vote should be the rule.