Obama's rough ride on health care offers lessons for Trump

Obama's rough ride on health care offers lessons for Trump

With full Republican control of the White House and Congress, some Republicans will be tempted to try to steamroll Democrats on every issue. Democrats have long paid insufficient attention to their grassroots races, failing time and again to find the "language that real voters speak in". They remember that while today's legislative majorities are certainly expanded by favorable district maps, Republicans have consistently won the "popular vote" for General Assembly since 2010. Wolf and Senate Republicans have approved legislation aiming to address the state's heroin crisis.But there's plenty that remains unfinished.Wolf and Republicans have not reached an agreement on resolving the surging costs of the state's public pension systems. Once a decade, in most states, lawmakers get to draw the very lines that elect state and congressional lawmakers. The left-wing protests on US streets are ominous.

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One reason for the success of the Republican ground game is the network that the GOP established two years ago in the nationally prominent Senate race between Republican Sen.

Siegrist said governing with complete partisan control comes with unique responsibilities and challenges, which he said Iowa Statehouse Republicans are about to learn.

"The next election, Republicans picked up 675 state legislative seats". They paid a massive political price. As Paul Frymer, professor of Politics at Princeton University, explained to The World Weekly, "Schumer is a more conventional pick for the party", and despite just losing the election, this pick suggests that, for the time being, it will be "business as usual" in terms of the Democrats' opposition to President-elect Trump. They've got it backwards. Democrats would retake the Senate.

It will basically be the reverse in 2018. In other words, a written set of central tenets for the party to live by.

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A number of the Democratic Party's 48 senators find themselves in a once incomprehensible vice. A related reason is that numerous party's core constituents (minorities, young people, diehard liberals) habitually skip the midterm elections where down-ballot candidates take prominence; by contrast, the GOP's diehards turn out for the midterms, and the party's D.C. headquarters has long prioritized state legislative elections, routinely outspending their Democratic counterparts by roughly 2-1. In that case, some Democrats held it up as evidence that the map was too heavily gerrymandered in Republicans' favor and, accordingly, anti-democratic.

This year, the two biggest, bluest states in the country - California and NY - happened to be up. In the midst of a whirlwind book tour - which stops at the Free Library on Monday night - Sanders spoke with us last week, concerning his postmortem on the 2016 election and his vision for the way forward.

My Washington Post colleague Philip Bump calculated there were 27 counties that had supported the Democratic candidate consistently for at least 40 years that then switched to Trump in 2016. Sam Slom was the only member of his party to win a single seat in the Hawaii state Senate. But Republicans can learn something from what the Democrats did in 2009-10.

The latter are less likely to respond to a traditional Democratic appeal to blue collar workers vs management; that attitude they see as from their fathers' Democratic Party. "More and more, we (the Republican Party) are willing to be open to everyone's input and concerns".

This debate is surfacing in efforts to choose a successor to Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned after Wikileaks revealed emails showing she favored Hillary Clinton in the primary campaign. He says Republican critics of Trump must continue to apply pressure if they want to see the president-elect change his tone. "So the longer you go with a weak team down-ballot, the harder it gets to climb out of that hole".

This year's election postmortems were tedious before they even began, of course, but please indulge me for a moment: The media's unwillingness to cover the court issues, especially McConnell's unprecedented and unconstitutional holdup of Obama's court appointee, was a major act of malfeasance.