Rory's love life bombshell on Gilmore Girls — SPOILER ALERT

Presumably, the baby is Logan's (Matt Czuchry), who Rory made a decision to break up with after having an affair with him for about a year. Rory is now 32, which is the age of Lorelai in the first episodes of the show released back in 2000. The last thing we want to do is exploit that opportunity'. Granted, they still had their, ahem, difficulties, but you can see them not talking for years in a Rory-free world.

While we respectfully disagree with Dean, as we have trouble keeping up with all there is to do in Scranton, it's interesting that the Electric City got a brief shout-out in this highly anticipated new series.

Among her many fine moments: tearing into Lorelai for being unable to say one nice thing about her father after his funeral (team Emily!); raging against the Daughters of the American Revolution with that epic b-- laced rant; and tricking Lorelai into joining her for therapy.

Fans are now waiting on news that might wrap up Rory's storyline. "I just didn't feel like the guy". If I'm being honest though, I was less than thrilled with Rory's story line. Does that mean that she enlisted Paris's help to be a surrogate for Lorelai and Luke?

Rory's whole "arrangement" with Logan irritated me, not just because I don't like Logan, but because she's better than that. "She said, 'I understand already, Mom, '" she added. Obviously, Rory and Logan have a mutual agreement. I'm just saying, don't completely rule this possibility out. But my job is to try to get the audience to connect with Logan and understand why he's making the choices he's making. On top of that, at no point in the series, Rory showed the desire to have a child.

Yup, those were the Gilmore Girls last four words which left fans angry, sad and wanting. But according to Truesdale, he and Graham did shoot a scene that wrapped up the story. Sure, they have their fair share of ups and downs, but they eventually find their way back to each other like the true soul mates they are.

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That's one piece of it.

Remember, this is the ending that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has always envisioned for her show. What did you think of the ending?

There are current trailers promoting the revival; however, Netflix is now streaming all seven seasons of the original show, so people can catch up on the tales of Gilmore, and maybe become hooked - just like Lorelai and her coffee. A Year in the Life is billed as a mini-series.

Scott Patterson, Luke to "Gilmore Girl" viewers, thinks it would be a great idea to peek in on the gang occasionally.

Not anything that I've heard about. But I don't see it as a cliffhanger. "But then, once I sat with it for a little while, I figured of course - it's full circle". Rory's going to become a mother. To me, that wraps up the show really nicely. That scene when Lorelai wanders behind the closed store near the trail and looks out across the wild landscape then calls her mom? What kind of mother is Rory going to be? Really! She hasn't seemed to age since the show ended its run.