Green Party eyes lawsuit seeking recount in Pennsylvania

Green Party eyes lawsuit seeking recount in Pennsylvania

On Friday, the campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin and signaled it would do the same this week in Pennsylvania and MI.

But what exactly does that mean?

As the proponents of the proposed recount in the USA have stressed, the goal of the exercise is not to overturn the election of President-elect Trump, but to eliminate the possibility - which is widely suspected - that Russian hackers intervened somehow.

Republican Donald Trump edged Democrat Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. "I do not doubt the president-elect is going to win that vote".

Stein, who rallied with Cornel West under I-95 in South Philadelphia during the DNC, has raised $6.2 million for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman Mark Thomsen said the recount will show that nothing illegal occurred. As of 11 a.m. Sunday, she tweeted 1,500 Pennsylvanians had volunteered. Jill Stein came in fourth in MI, with some 51,000 votes.

The next step in Stein's recount efforts will be focused on MI whose filing deadline is Wednesday. In Wisconsin, Clinton lost by 27,000 votes.

Stein's campaign on Monday moved forward with steps to initiate a recount in Pennsylvania.

Stein filed early Monday afternoon on the state's deadline day.

On Twitter Sunday, Stein denied any connection to Clinton over the recount, writing she had made courtesy calls to the Clinton, Trump and Gary Johnson campaigns and was not "working with" Clinton. Local elections officials were to submit estimates for how much the recount will cost by noon Monday.

- Tom Salmon won the race for Vermont auditor in 2006 after he requested a recount.

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Starting the recount on Thursday is dependent upon the commission receiving payment from those who requested the recount.

Or, voters can ask for a recount.

Johnson is the only Democrat in the past 15 presidential elections to receive a majority of York County votes. However, the deadline for that was last Monday in some of the districts. This includes hand counting paper ballots and examining electronic voting machines. The candidate campaigns can also fight various parts of it, so that's fun.

Clinton's camp had not previously planned to engage in a vote recount until Wisconsin's elections board approved Stein's request.

Trump is already throwing a tantrum about it.

Any attempted hack to swing the results in three states would have been a massive and unprecedented undertaking.

This all could eventually end up in the courts, just like the 2000 election.

Sisneros will be replaced with an alternate elector who will vote for Trump when the Texas electors convene on December 19.

Six members of the college have vowed to not vote for Trump. The state is still researching how the timeline of a recount will affect Michigan's electoral votes.

But again, these are all far-out possibilities. But in an unusual public airing of internal machinations, Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway warned Sunday that the president-elect's supporters would feel "betrayed" if he tapped former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as secretary of state.