MI vs. Ohio State is most expensive ticket this season

In that scenario, Oklahoma State would nearly certainly be in the playoff, simply by beating Oklahoma.

While a ranking of No. 5 or No. 6 is no guarantee of a playoff spot, it is a lot easier to imagine a path to the playoff from one of those spots. Auburn, 14. Florida State, 15.

Ask yourself this question, though.

This hype video is a long one (it runs over eight minutes) but out of the literally dozens of videos released over this rivalry in the past couple of weeks it stands out as being the best. We were obviously aware of the conditions in which that game (at MSU) was played in. The Game has big-time Big Ten East implications, and it's most-likely a loser-it-out-type situation.

"I wouldn't say they have separated themselves from the Group of Teams 2-5", Hocutt said.

"We're just making sure we're on key, making sure the timing's right and everything", Darboh said.

Peppers said he has watched other teams, including Penn State, Wisconsin and Northwestern, give the Buckeyes problems by getting extra physical.

The biggest week in Alabama sports is here - the Iron Bowl. The Sooners still sit behind four Big Ten teams, and while they can add a win over No. 10 Oklahoma State, plus a Big 12 title, they're going to need some help to continue to make up ground. But the Buckeyes lose the tiebreaker against the Nittany Lions, who play Michigan State this week.

During a 3-8 season, you have to be thankful for improvement and the fact that these guys didn't just roll over in big games against MI and Ohio State. The Buffs just need to beat Utah on Saturday and they are in the Pac-12 Championship game.

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At least that's the way it appeared at Ohio State earlier this week with MI coming into Ohio Stadium on Saturday. The Buckeyes would have a legitimate claim to that No. 4 spot.

Meyer has been in a similar situation like this before with the 2014 National Championship-winning Buckeyes, but this is the first time Harbaugh and MI is on the verge of making it into the playoff. Beat Ohio State and the Big Ten West champion, and they are in.

That puts a one loss Ohio State team in a hard spot, or a two loss MI. Ohio State has won four straight and 11 of the last 12 in the series. The animosity is such that some Ohio State fans - as well as coaches and players - hesitate to utter their rival's name, calling it "that school up north". Mark Dantonio has coached this program to the top of the Big Ten and he now knows how little it can take for it to be near the bottom.

With either Ohio State or MI heading for a loss, Washington, which sits at No. 5, and Big Ten powers Wisconsin at No. 6 and Penn State at No. 7 could move into the top four.

With modern-day titans of coaching on each side and both teams contending for a national championship, this feels as if it could be the start of something big: a new era of epic competition between two coaches with roots that trace back to the men who defined the rivalry.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Besides having national playoff implications, this year's Ohio State vs. MI game is full of questions, story lines and intriguing matchups. Would we get a rematch against Clemson from past year? I think that in this kind of scenario, Ohio State are guaranteed to make it in, and the rest is a real tossup.

MI coach Jim Harbaugh said Barrett is hard to predict because he's able to do so many things well. The committee can see that.

For now, however, they have what they really want.