Black Friday 2016: Best Deals For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones & More

Black Friday 2016: Best Deals For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones & More

For more details on this trade-in offer, check out the documents below.

Luckily, the South Korean-based manufacturer has reassured everyone that the Galaxy S7 is pretty much safe from all the internal complications, unlike what happened with the Note 7.

T-Mobile's Black Friday deals will be available starting on November 24 at 12:01 a.m.

Only time will tell if Samsung's Black Friday deal on the refurbished Galaxy Note 3 will attract any buyers, especially in the presence of other smartphones that have similar price tag and better specs than the Galaxy device.

As Nougat gets an update to Android 7.1, users of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are interested to know when the update will be available on their devices.

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What do you think of the Black Friday deals for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablets? Alternatively, you can also trade in your old handset and still be eligible for this offer. The new color offering appears to be an effort to position the S7 as an alternative to Apple's iPhone 7, released earlier this year in two highly popular colors: jet black and matte black, according to the paper. T-Mobile will also let you upgrade to an iPhone with more storage if you're willing to pay a little extra.

The carrier also specified that aside from Apple's iPhones, consumers can also get the latest flagship devices from Samsung, LG and other top-selling smartphone brands.

According to the latest updates on tech news for this week, technological companies have chose to offer the best deals for customers this coming Friday.

Good news for T-Mobile users as the company is giving away free Samsung Galaxy S7 to its T-Mobile One subscribers. For those new to T-Mobile or is switching to the network, you will be given a prepaid MasterCard with $200 value which you can use wherever.

With just days to go before Black Friday, T-Mobile has announced a few more deals on top of the ones that it revealed last week.