Marijuana initiatives pass in eight states on Election Day

Marijuana initiatives pass in eight states on Election Day

The final results of the referendum were tabulated on Thursday. "They're going to have to address it", he said.

ME residents are still waiting to find out whether marijuana will become legal in their state. But a recount can be requested with no financial cost for race results within 1.5 percentage points. Will advisors and possible appointees such as Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Pence push Trump to try to undo the spreading marijuana legalization movement?

In an email Wednesday morning, No On 1 Campaign Director, Scott Gagnon said, "Despite being outspent over 20-to-1, we proved that ME is not an easy pushover target for these big out-of-state corporate marijuana interests".

Todd Mitchem, a Denver-based marijuana industry consultant and lobbyist, said the pot business should expect an infusion of new interest from investors and would-be marijuana growers and retailers. Medical marijuana has been legal in Montana for 12 years.

"Medicinal users can purchase recreationally, but recreational users cannot purchase medically", medical marijuana shop Blüm general manager Mikel Alvarez said.

"We have the opportunity that we're not starting from scratch", he said.

It takes time to establish a market after voters approve marijuana.

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Proposition 64 also includes state taxes on sales and cultivation.

Voters in five states were asked to consider the question of whether recreational use of marijuana should be legal, and those three states said yes, with official results not yet in for ME and Arizona.

Arkansas: The measure allows people who have any of 18 qualifying conditions - such as cancer, glaucoma, Tourette's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and hepatitis C - to access dispensaries. The states that allow marijuana for medical uses now numbers 26 - well over half the nation in population. But staunch opponents that included law enforcement groups and anti-drug crusaders urged the public to reject any changes.

Richard Miadich, a lawyer for the Yes on 64 campaign said: "They can't sell it, but they can grow it for their own personal use".

But Mark DiPasquale still believes New York State is next in line to fully legalize marijuana. Lewiston shot down a similar proposal in 2014. Does this mean they will be required to perform a series of time-consuming, expensive, and frankly unrealistic background checks on every customer who walks in?

In the meantime, voters in initiative and referendum states and legislators in states without the initiative process can work to create more facts on the ground, more legalization states. This is because voters got enough signatures to put this question on the ballot.