AP analysis: Trump silent in ads, Clinton talks up children

AP analysis: Trump silent in ads, Clinton talks up children

Following the email saga, Mr Trump said that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run to be president and that is where the system is "rigged".

That lead is well within the 4.4 percentage-point margin of error.

The president also kept up his attacks on congressional Republicans, saying that, along with Trump, they have "zero, zip, nada" when it comes to their plans to not only repeal his health care overhaul law but replace it with a GOP-crafted alternative.

"Obama will add that voting for Clinton is also a vote to build on the progress made under his presidency, such as protecting and strengthening expanded access to health care including women's health, advancing LGBT equality, combating climate change, tackling college costs and student debt, expanding the right to vote, and more", the Clinton Campaign said. "It was reported last night that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into Clinton's Pay-For-Play corruption during her tenure as Secretary of State".

"You know I said the other day, I said, 'Let him work on bringing our jobs back from Mexico who stole our jobs". The campaign website lists the time as "TBD". "So all we've got to get is the people who see this and see the future to come out and vote and she'll be fine".

"This has never happened to a nominee of a major party", Mrs Clinton said.

Exposed again, Vikings lose to last-place Bears
If there were a way to get a different head coach in and keep the assistants in place, I'm not sure I'd be against that right now. The Vikings went an abysmal 2-of-13 on third-down conversions as quarterback Sam Bradford never looked comfortable in the pocket.

"He has spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters", Clinton said at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Speaking to students at Florida International University in Miami, Obama told voters that this is the time to get serious about the choice. "Finally, it is believed that no less than five foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked into Clinton's illegal insecure server, which contained classified information, creating an ongoing security threat to the United States", Trump alleged. Bernie Sanders and pop star Pharrell Williams in Raleigh.

Most voters say their minds are made up, and late revelations about both candidates made no significant difference to them, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll released yesterday.

Other states targeted by Trump in the waning days of the race include Colorado, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nevada and New Hampshire. He must win Florida to win the White House, no easy feat. Given the current state of the political map, even victories in ultra swing states like OH and Florida would not guarantee Trump the presidency.

Voter turnout in Detroit, especially among African-Americans, is pivotal to Democrats in the state.

Trump, a NY businessman who has never previously run for political office, has caused frequent offence during his unorthodox campaign, while winning support for his promises to upend politics as usual in Washington.