Lady Gaga and Her Dad Got Matching 'Joanne' Tattoos

Lady Gaga and Her Dad Got Matching 'Joanne' Tattoos

Lady Gaga's new album Joanne can make you miss the days of meat dresses, eccentric wigs and glittered faces. Since then, Gaga has attempted to strip away this persona to showcase her raw singing talent, first by collaborating with legend Tony Bennett on the critically lauded jazz offering Cheek to Cheek, and now with her newest album, Joanne. "Joanne" is an emotional ballad where Gaga sings directly to her aunt. After that? The deluge. "So this album for me was about healing the wounds of being a young woman growing up in a tough family and figuring that out".

Gaga worked on "Joanne" with the who's who of producers: Mark Ronson, BloodPop (who has worked with Grimes and Justin Bieber) and Jeff Bhasker (who has worked with fun. and Kanye West). But, in many ways, it felt as inauthentic as her 2013 record ARTPOP - an overly conceptual pop album that chose style over substance and made Gaga look like a popstar running out of ideas rather than the visionary she'd claimed the title of with her previous three records. Having brought in a lot of songwriting hands, Gaga has pulled right back on the production excesses. "'Cause when stuff gets you down or you get stressed out, you can just remember that you can be grateful that you have one more day of life".

Her devotees, known as Little Monsters, may have to shift their expectations for this album. Instead the message is intimate.

Although the feud simmered down for a while, the war of words appears to have been reignited by Lady Gaga after the pop sensation took a subtle swipe at Madonna in a new Beats 1 Radio chat with Zane Lowe.

What do you think of Gaga's tattoo - has Joanne warranted such a permanent honor?

Does slowing the songs down denote serious?

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Kreps notes that while "A-YO" and "Million Reasons" are wildly different songs in terms of sound and theme, Gaga managed to give distinct yet equally impressive performances for each of them. I used to pray to her. "I feel shaken a bit more, but when I do it, I feel sturdy".

Brief trips to the past are frequent on Joanne, like the spur-stomping "John Wayne" or the "60s girl group horns and harmonies on "Come to Mama".

Yes, dreams do come true, and at long last, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch have released a fabulous, uplifting duet. Lines like "It was a flawless illusion, mistaken for love, it wasn't love" give the track a more intense emotional context. Big, booming rubbish on an album where big and booming is rare.

Daddy/daughter dances are for the birds - if you really want to show off your family bond, you've gotta get inked in tandem. But it's rubbish all the same and symptomatic of songs over-strategised and over-written.

The album flows from song to song to create the most passionate album Gaga has ever delivered. That could be her thesis statement for "Joanne".