More than 1.1 million have already cast ballots in Florida

Lapinski said one of the main benefits of early voting is thatit makes voting easier to hopefully get more people to participate. For more voting information, visit the website. It's not a new issue in the Lone Star State.

"In planning for the 2016 November election, I've used the 2008 election as our baseline with it being a presidential race, with it being a race without a sitting president or vice president on the ballot", Farley said. In 1948, LBJ was running against Coke Stevenson for the Democratic nomination for US Senate. "I think it was important, particularly for this election, to allow everybody to come when they can instead of restricting it to one day in the middle of the week". Keep in mind the elections office can and will dispatch election monitors and other officials to ensure compliance with the law. A record-breaking 15 million people are registered to vote in Texas, so Stein recommends not waiting until last minute.

"It helps us understand more of the terminology of where we need to be and also go into a place when we vote that we can see who's really for us, as a whole", Veronica Roberts said. Something Debeauvior said is not complicated, but different if you don't have an ID. Professor Suri says voter security and voter turn-out are usually related.

"We continue to see these kinds of [suppressive] actions all over the country as our protection under the [federal] Voting Rights Act has been weakened", said Judith Brown Dianis. The best ideas will "trickle across" to other cities and "trickle up" to states.

The presidential horse race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hits the home stretch today. In the wake of these decisions, conservative-run legislatures, such as in North Carolina and Texas, have adopted partisan-motivated election rules that restrict access to the ballot. County by county - it's hard to hack into or fix an outcome on a large scale. "If everybody does what they're supposed to, then, yes, it's a pretty fail-safe system".

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So can it seem, hectic, yes. Let's hope - as we asked before - that everyone understands it is their civic duty to head to the polls and make their voices heard.

With two weeks until Election Day, early voting has begun across most of Central Florida. Both Ertel and Cowles stressed that attempting to harass voters at a polling place isn't just illegal, it's also bad political strategy.

About 57,000 people in Harris County were expected to vote on the first day of early voting in Texas, according to officials.

Leading up to Election Day, the County City Building will be open Monday to Friday from 8 to 4:30, Saturday from 8 to 4 and Sundays from 12 to 4.