Nearly 2000 attend Sanders rally for Clinton

He's called her a "liar", a "nasty woman" and pledged to put her in jail.

It's not just because Grandpa Bernie told us to.

"This campaign is not Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton", Sanders said.

"They are attempting to rig this election" Trump camp says it raised 0M in September Trump campaign denounces Ohio GOP chairman MORE and Bernie SandersBernie SandersClinton, Sanders both sought Larry David's endorsement Clinton camp steps up attacks on WikiLeaks, bashes media Sanders tweet causes drug company to lose 0M in a day MORE's campaigns both attempted to garner the endorsement of comedian Larry David, according to hacked emails released Saturday by WikiLeaks.

He said one of the biggest crises facing the country is "the drift towards oligarchy" and that Clinton is committed to fighting it.

And then there's the Trump factor. Her campaign has capitalized on new poll numbers that say she is tied with or leading Trump in Arizona, a state that has gone Democratic once since 1952.

One reason that Clinton aides are particularly high on Arizona: Mormon voters.

The president of ASU Young Democrats, Austin Marshall, said he isn't surprised by Clinton's position in the polls. "You do", Trump shot at Clinton. We need to wake up on November 9 to a president who will help our country thrive and make sure that important issues like racial injustice and climate change are no longer swept under the rug but rather will be at the forefront of every mind throughout our country. That is who we are-we come together to bring about change. "We can not elect a man to be president who helped lead the birther movement - a racist effort to delegitimize the first African American president in our history".

But some Bernie supporters say even if California is not a swing state, they want to make extra sure Trump is defeated.

Vote early starting Wednesday, dodge election day lines
The Danaher ELECTronic 1242 voting machine, on display in 2004 at the Franklin County Board of Elections office in Columbus, Ohio. Even worse, the new machines proved capable of screwing up elections all on their own, without any malicious tampering.

It was a wealth of Bernie Sanders fans, versus a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters, that filled Northern Arizona University's Prochnow Auditorium on Tuesday for the Vermont senator's visit to Flagstaff to campaign for Clinton. "Tell your friends they damn well better understand this election is important".

The only daughter of the Clintons lives a relatively private life outside of the presidential campaign.

It's not just Latinos and millennial voters.

Sanders congratulated the 13 million Americans who voted for him in the primaries and helped him build the most progressive democratic platform in history that included a fifteen dollar minimum wage in order to fight income inequality.

"I was born during civil rights being signed". But the issues our country faces are more our issues than anyone else's-we are the people who will serve if our next president takes this country to war, and we are the people who can least afford a candidate who doesn't believe in climate change.

Clinton could also run up a major gap among the state's hundreds of thousands of Native American voters.

It's a sentiment shared by Alexis Tamerón, Arizona Democratic Party state chair.

That history of failure has Republicans expressing confidence that Trump will hold onto the state's 11 electoral votes. "We're confident in the ground game we've been building for more than a year as well as our outreach to groups that will decide this election - women, millennials and Latinos who reject Trump's divisive and hateful campaign rhetoric", Ruiz said.

"I don't see it happening", she said. Ultimately, with how close the election was turning out, she decided she could not afford to vote third party, even though she doesn't really like either of the candidates.