Hugh Jackman Returns As Wolverine In First 'Logan' Trailer

Hugh Jackman Returns As Wolverine In First 'Logan' Trailer

Mutants are almost all gone and Wolverine's healing factor is on the blink - he can fix himself, but only just.

Below, James Mangold discusses Logan's timeline and his aspirations for the film.

"Charles, the world is not the same as it was", Logan says. The first trailer of the final Wolverine movie is here.

Up until very recently, we haven't seen much in the way of footage or even images from Logan, otherwise known as Wolverine 3.

Joining Jackman is another long time X-Men alum, Patrick Stewart, reprising his role as Professor Xavier, leader of the X-Men. Apart from these two most familiar mutants, the movie is introducing Sienna Novikov as Laura amongst the leading cast.

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The trailer unfolds to the lyrics of one of Johnny Cash's best songs, Hurt and the makers could not have made a better choice.

The storyline for the film is rumored to be in part inspired by the Old Man Logan graphic novel. It's clear from the outset this film is heavily influenced by Steve McNiven and Mark Millar's comic masterpiece "Old Man Logan" - set in a future where villains rule the world.

For those who are unfamiliar with X-23 (a.k.a. Laura Kinney), she is a clone of Wolverine, created by Dr. Zander Rice, Dr. Sarah Kinney and Dr. Martin Sutter in their attempt to revive the Weapon X program. I know it's weird, given his near-indestructibility in the rest of the X-Men films and spinoffs, but as Logan ages in the comics, his healing ability tapers as well, leaving him with scars and other effects of lasting damage. As a lost soul helping another lost soul through the dangers of the wasteland, this movie's version of Logan more than a little resembles Max Rockatansky himself. The trailer heavily implies that they're dead, cutting to Logan drinking in a cemetery.

Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez also star.

Watch the worldwide version of the preview below - it's got one cool R-rated scene that isn't in the domestic version - and keep your eyes peeled for Logan when it hits theaters on March 3, 2017.