The Giants and the London Trip: Great Opportunity to Build Bonds

The Giants and the London Trip: Great Opportunity to Build Bonds

Everyone is talking about the London trip. Sure, this won’t be the first time an NFL game has taken place outside the United States; and it isn’t like the London trip is somehow going to affect the NFL Betting odds and predictions.

However, every time an NFL team travels outside the United States for a game, people cannot help but get excited, for all sorts of reasons; and the Giants are probably the most ecstatic group around because the London trip gives them a great opportunity to bond.

The average NFL season doesn’t give most teams that much time to bond; certainly, a lot of teams have to travel to play certain games. However, the situation in the United States is such that, the average team doesn’t spend more than a night in any given city, this along with the day during which they play the game, before moving on to another location.

London is going to present a whole other experience; this is because the Giants will spend several days together in a foreign city. So naturally the Giants are really looking forward to the journey. 

Linebacker Keenan Robinson said on Tuesday that the team was quite close-knit already, and the London trip would only make their existing bonds that much stronger. 

Most players spend most of their time with their friends and families when they are not practicing or playing football; little to no time is availed for team members to enjoy one another’s company. 

The trip to London provides the perfect opportunity for Giants players to remain within close proximity of one another, this forcing them to not only explore one another’s personalities and characters but to also form deeper, more solid bonds that will serve them in future games.

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For all intent and purpose, the London trip is like training camp. It is easy to build bonds in the college football arena. You simply spend too much time hanging out with the same group of players (most of them within your age group) for several years on end; so the camaraderie is more or less guaranteed. 

The NFL is a little more complicated; there are always new faces coming into the fold, new rookies and free agents. And the age ranges of the players tend to vary very drastically. 

Creating significant bonds is rather difficult, especially since many of the players are at different stages in their lives and, hence, they are struggling with very different kinds of responsibilities.

The only other time team members are allowed to engage with one another extensively is during the Super Bowl; this is where long term travel opportunities normally emerge.

And it should be noted that this will not be the Giants’ first trip to London; they went to the city in 2007, and that particular trip should have accurately prepared them for the upcoming London Trip.

Of course, the 2007 trip wasn’t very conducive; the team went to the practice field the moment they landed in London. Everyone was tired and no one really knew what was happening.

The new schedule is very friendly and it will allow the Giants time to enjoy the sights and sounds of London.