What you need to know about breast reconstruction

What you need to know about breast reconstruction

The women are among 11 people who have lived through breast cancer to tell their personal stories at South Bank as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with a pink gallery on a wall in Stanley Street Plaza featuring their photos and comments.

This year in Canada, approximately 25,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer - that's about 68 women each day; and while many of these women will undergo a potentially life-saving mastectomy, only a minority will opt for breast reconstruction, despite it being a fully-insured medical procedure in Canada. I wondered if such feelings were wrong? Your surgical team will plan the treatment options that work best for you.

"I spoke to my husband before and he said maybe this was meant to be". This is especially true for women who have dense breast tissue and for Latinas.

"We lost one of our associates to breast cancer", said a Kroger employee.

In September the Buckhead-based breast cancer nonprofit, an offshoot of the Dallas, Texas-based global Susan G. Komen, celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Latina patients frequently have a biologically aggressive form of breast cancer.

"I thought I was going to die". Losing my hair was nothing compared to losing my breast.

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The patient must also chose which type breast reconstruction she wants.

Most breast reconstruction is immediate and performed during the mastectomy.

"We offer services ranging from screening diagnosis to treatment and even taking patients into survivorship after treatment of breast cancer".

"Clearly, that's very distressing", Dr. Macadam said. In societies like the United States, and similarly in Bermuda, the breasts are a very essential part of female identity so often times it's a very big deal for a woman to lose one or both of her breasts. Others said plastic surgeons recommended CPM to them to optimize their cosmetic reconstruction outcomes. She said that the shop is a "wonderful asset to the hospital, as it is very feminine and discreet for patients wanting to be measured or picking up prostheses". However, Dr. Marmor said, "as large trials came out demonstrating the efficacy of breast conservation, I think a lot of surgeons assumed that breast conservation would be patient's preference".

One of the most devastating aspects of this disease is what it takes away from you as a woman. I used to look in the mirror see only scars. During my journey, I had many complications. She thought everything would be fine, but Johnson found out she had early stage breast cancer.

The risk factors for developing male breast cancer are a family history of the disease, genetic predisposition, radiation exposure, or hormonal irregularities in the body, according to Smith's oncologist, Dr. Susan Tannenbaum, chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at UConn Health's Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center. It is the first year the residents have participated in the observance. I know we can do better.

"Part of the reason we do this and encourage people to see their GP as soon as they notice something is to make a diagnosis at as early a stage as possible", adds Dr Goddard. "We must use every tool we have to fight this battle".