Google Pixel review: A worthy Android rival to the iPhone

It's notable that Google's own web page about the Pixel shows Assistant giving information about the weather in Mumbai.

It gets better, though. The phone has a conveniently located - and I must add very fast - fingerprint sensor on the rear cover.

The Pixel line comes with unlimited storage for video and photos, and I wrote about numerous other differentiating features in my preview, but using the phone for several days made me realize there are no "exceptional" features or stand-out innovations other than the voice-activated Assistant and live tech support. Don't worry, Google understand this well, and it gives the Google Photos app on the Android 7.1 Nougat for unlimited data storage.

Google's all-new Pixel Phones are finally ready to be released and pre-orders are starting to ship. That means customer support is an area where Google has to improve.

However, if you happen to be a Verizon customer or will be making the switch to Verizon in the near future, the wireless carrier now has all versions of both the Pixel and Pixel XL in stock with an estimated delivery date of October 20. Most folks don't want to be bothered and just want their phone to work. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and has 4GB RAM.

Moreover, making reservations using the Assistant-one of the things that Google advertised heavily-was finnicky and hard. This is the same with the Pixel, it is built by HTC but Google is in full control here.

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Battery life was phenomenal.

Just the other night I was eating dinner with some friends and a Pixel commercial came on the TV. When it is drained, plugging it in to charge for 15 minutes gets you seven more hours of juice. If you enable Smart Storage, it will remove backed up photos and videos from the device automatically when you're close to running out of space. The phone kept chugging away.

Pick it up, and the first thing you'll notice is a satisfying and familiar heft. And as more device manufacturers started shipping almost stock-Android experiences, Google's approach lost its appeal. It's a gamble for Google as it risks alienating its Android partners and the Nexus faithful alike.

Comment and let us know if you are looking forward to Google's next generation smartphone devices which are set to make their debut by the end of the month. Keeping user privacy in mind, Google is able to use machine learning to interpret the trove of voice queries it receives, he said. The Pixel XL not only runs a more recent version of Android - Android 7.1 - but also has the exclusive Pixel launcher that Google has created. Google does a "really good job" of making the hardware "just as good" as Apple and then focusing on the software experience to bring over those users that prefer a Google software experience, Stern continued. Well, we got the Very Silver model of the Pixel XL and it does seem impressively compact (at 154.7 x 75.7 x 8.5 mm, it is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus which has a similar display size and dimensions of 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm) and at 168 grammes is hardly overweight (the iPhone 7 Plus is 188 grammes in comparison). In addition to the default 32GB, you can also but 128GB and 256GB internal storage models.

In other related news, Google Pixel may trigger Apple fans to switch into a new brand because of the "killer feature". I recommend it for business and personal use; the choice is yours if you decide to stick with Apple.