Zika Virus Spreads In Asia, Adult Neurological Complications Confirmed In A Study

Several media outlets have confirmed there are 30 confirmed cases of the Zika virus in West Michigan with 9 comfirmed in Ottawa County.

"Moreover, the presence of Zika virus in the genital tract supports the recommendation of safe sex practice for women returning home from areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission", the researchers reported.

"Our results remove any lingering doubt that the Zika virus is incredibly unsafe to the developing fetus, and provides details as to how the brain injury develops", said study author Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf. "Tests take time." Bell said the CDC doesn't have any more cash to work on faster and better tests so that women don't have to wait for weeks to find out if they've been infected. The person had, however, cared for an elderly male family contact who had contracted the virus while traveling and had died the month prior.

Zika virus can pose serious threats to pregnant women as it can cause severe birth defects in babies.

United States health officials have updated their progress on a months-long probe into a "unique" Zika case in Utah, saying they are still unable to identify how the person was infected.

As Singapore confirmed 333 cases of Zika, including of eight pregnant women, the city-state's Health Minister on Tuesday outlined measures to tackle the mosquito-borne virus, including focusing on vector control and monitoring of babies born to infected women.

Those who do will probably experience fever, rashes, joint and muscle pain and conjunctivitis.

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The investigation has led experts to conclude that transmission of the Zika virus via bodily fluids may be possible.

In Mississippi, 21 cases of the virus have been reported so far, all in travelers who had recently returned from Zika-affected countries.

"In both areas where they have Zika mosquitoes, they warn people to wear mosquito repellent as well as those who live around them so that a mosquito doesn't bite them and transmit it", Boston said.

According to Randi Pedersen, epidemiologist for Southwest District Health, Zika typically does not cause symptoms or causes only a mild illness lasting up to a week.

"The modern system these days makes me believe that our public health department can control the situation", said Phra Maha Prompong Prapasarajito.

As a result, the Department of Health urged all residents throughout the country to continue and intensify their campaign against the mosquito breeding places such as uncovered water containers like pails, drums, unused tires and even empty soft drink bottles.