Gov. Baker 'Surprised' By Christie's Endorsement Of Trump

Gov. Baker 'Surprised' By Christie's Endorsement Of Trump

Except for Texas where Republican Sen.

"What we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the Republican side, which not only sets a bad example, which as the congressman said, at least my mother would have said stop it. But it really undermines our fabric as a nation", Clinton told supporters at a rally on the eve of the next group of primaries.

The numbers bode well for the respective front-runners going into Tuesday's contests.

For Republicans, the second-biggest prize is Georgia, with 76 delegates at stake. Both have gone on the offensive against Trump in the days that followed. Her victory over Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders there was due to support from black voters, putting her in position for a strong showing in several Southern states with large African-American electorates voting on Tuesday.

Republicans face a more daunting challenge in uniting their party, and N ebraska's Ben Sasse, a rising star among conservatives, became the first current senator to raise the prospect of backing a third party option if Mr Trump clinches the nomination.

These Republican governors provided mostly non-answers on whether they'll back Trump if he's nominated. They will compete for 865 delegates on Tuesday and a total of roughly 1,800 delegates over the next two weeks, with 2,382 needed to win the nomination.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered this twist: "I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is going to be". He said he believes Trump has the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton in a fall election and "take on the D.C. establishment". "How many delegates do you have?"

Still, many of these contests divide delegates proportionally, and so Sanders is poised to walk away with some, even where he loses.

Christie, who withdrew his own White House bid earlier this month, denied that he reversed course on Trump after promising New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper publisher Joe McQuaid that he would not endorse him after the billionaire won the state's February 9 primary election. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, by 18 points at 40 percent to 22 percent in Tennessee, according to the poll.

Marco Rubio's campaign warned that a poor showing during Super Tuesday would mean an effective end to his run.

Donald Trump is polling ahead in Virginia, Georgia, and Oklahoma among others. Rough 53 percent of the GOP's 595 delegates on Tuesday are in those states.

Mrs Clinton is casting herself as a civil alternative to the insults and bullying that have consumed the Republican race, which she said has "turned into a kind of one-upmanship on insulting, and I don't think that's appropriate in a presidential campaign".