Trump disavows support of former KKK leader

Trump disavows support of former KKK leader

Cruz built his campaign on the idea of sweeping Super Tuesday, but Trump's momentum and appeal with social conservatives and evangelicals threatens to smash his Southern firewall.

Super Tuesday is the biggest single day for presidential candidates to receive delegates, thanks to voting in 12 states and one US territory.

Clinton is in the midst of a campaign swing through MA and Virginia, on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries, which includes contests in those states. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. The youthful supporters who flock to Sanders rallies and chant his stump speech along with him are likely to simply drop back out of politics, no matter how loyally Sanders backs Clinton and exhorts them to vote for her. They won't show up in November.

Winning his home state is critical with 155 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday. If such a surprise fails to materialise, Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump's paths to their parties' nominations may well be paved on Tuesday. "I call him, 'Little Marco'".

Asked about the issue on Monday, Trump said he had disavowed Duke and asked, "How many times do I have to continue to disavow people".

Still, the poll shows a divided party. But Kagan is so far on his own in acknowledging that the party's fanatical anti-Obama strategy - shared, of course, by Rubio and Cruz - has helped make Trump possible.

The protester shouted, and Trump said from the stage, "Are you from Mexico?"

The feud escalating when Trump tweeted out attacks - some of which were misspelled - referring to Rubio as a "lightweight", among other taunts.

"It is time to stop the excuses", Cruz said in a statement, NBC News reported.

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A source told the Post that Trump apparently had strong support in the suburbs of Westchester and Long Island, which are often seen as important bellwether areas for how the election will play out as a whole in the state.

You know, elected officials are in - Republicans are getting increasingly nervous and - and some are even calling on you - Representative Franks from Arkansas, from - from Arizona, excuse me - to join forces with Senator Rubio in a joint ticket. "They also don't mock people with disabilities, insult war heroes, divide people by religion and nationality, and insult women".

There are some reasonably high margins of error in there; we're talking about subsets of a subset of the full poll.

Still, he admitted there's one guy who he still thinks is better for the nation's top job: him.

Trump has expanded his lead over the diminished field to capture the support of almost half of Republican voters, while Clinton tops Sanders by almost 20 points.

The Democratic race appeared to shift in favor of Hillary Clinton following a major victory in the SC primary.

Christie said the choice came down to selecting the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic contender.

Rubio says Trump's decision not to denounce the public support of former KKK leader David Duke disqualifies him from the nomination from "the party of Lincoln".

The Fix's Aaron Blake sets up the stakes for Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on Super Tuesday. He pointed out that while there is a lot of "loose talk" about the congressional wing of the Republican Party protesting Trump's nomination, congressional approval on "a good day" hovers around 15%.