Polls Open Statewide for Democratic Primary

Citing the importance of electability, Valdez-Fisher said, "I believe she's the only one who can beat a Republican as opposed to Bernie". Putting the past behind them, Clyburn informs viewers, "My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton".

As secretary of labor, Reich oversaw a series of minimum-wage increases that were signed into law by Clinton. People who already voted in the GOP primary, however, can not participate.

Neither of Sanders crowds filled their venues Friday night - but because Democratic delegates are awarded proportionately he can still leave the Palmetto state with a chunk of delegates.

"I'm really proud to stand with President Obama, and I'm really proud to stand with the progress he's made", she said in Kingstree, South Carolina.

Although Sanders, 74, was in South Carolina Friday, his prospects in the state are poor and he has invested few resources here.

Rather than devote precious time to a state he's prepared to lose, Sanders spent much of the past week in areas that vote in March.

The Quinnipiac poll finds a significant gender gap among Florida Democrats, with women going 69 percent for Clinton and 24 percent for Sanders while men favor Sanders by a 47-to-43 percent margin.

During the same period, Bernie Sanders had just three.

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Additionally, he found normal growth through adulthood for rat offspring produced as a result of a womb transplant. The surgical team will be available for media questions at a news conference to be scheduled next week.

"We are fighting to break down barriers wherever they are", Clinton said at South Carolina State University, emphasizing her liberal credentials to progressive voters who dominate primary votes. Lucky for Clinton, she's dominated the in-state polling for quite some time.

In 2008, 55 percent of South Carolina Democratic primary voters were black and then-Sen. The former president has been well-received by voters as he's traveled the state campaigning for his wife. Bernie Sanders have shifted the focus of their presidential campaigns southward ahead of Democratic primaries in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Tsao said Sanders' progressive record drew her away from Hillary Clinton.

Even with a win all-but-guaranteed, Clinton's campaign sees SC as an important jumpstart heading into a busy March.

Bay Staters will head to the polls Tuesday along with voters in Georgia, Texas, Vermont and several other states that cumulatively offer the most delegates in one day so far in the presidential primary.

Some experts say Hillary Clinton's win in the primary in the state of Nevada last week was a big boost for her campaign, giving her more momentum.

Birgitta Johnson, a professor of African American studies at the University of SC, said she voted for Sanders largely because of his stances on education.