In South Carolina, Hillary Clinton looks to win, and win big

In South Carolina, Hillary Clinton looks to win, and win big

But the candidate said she was not anxious.

Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is endorsing Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential campaign. He introduced Kasich at a rally in Nashville on Saturday as "not someone who's apologetic about the United States". And when Bernie gets in the white house he will do the right thing. He resigned amid an uproar over allegations of torture of terrorism suspects and controversy over politically motivated firings of USA attorneys.

There, super delegates - made up of party leaders and Democrat members of Congress - will vote to support a candidate. The state dropped criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis a year ago and is now considering abolishing fines for possession. Furthermore, Sanders is often viewed as the one candidate outside of the mainstream of politics, which is something a lot of voters are counting on in the coming election.

Joe Barreiro, 61, a Democrat from Joliet, Illinois, said he was leaning toward Sanders in his state's primary next month in part because the Vermont senator has shunned outside money.

He's appealing for each supporter to get nine others to vote for him Tuesday.

Joking aside, the 45-year-old University of SC professor said he supports Sanders' stance that college is a public good that should be funded by the government. Twenty-nine superdelegates are also available, more than half of whom already back Clinton, although they can switch their allegiance to Sanders if his momentum picks up. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. follows his wife Jane Sanders as they board their bus on arrival in West Columbia, S.C., Friday, Feb. 26, 2016, from campaign stops in Minnesota. There was nothing in the national media.

"No one knows about him".

"Turnout is light, from what we know". "It's a 50-state election, and we're feeling very confident, actually".

Democratic voters must settle which approach works better.

Both campaigns also are targeting independent voters, who are eligible to vote in the state's Democratic primary for the first time in modern history.

"I want to send a message - a strong message - that in the Lowcountry here, many people are hurting". As the visualization above shows, Sanders holds double-digit leads among those same age groups in the Palmetto State.

CDC Releases More Zika Data Of Preganat Women
Research also is underway into a possible link between Zika and a paralyzing condition in adults called Guillain-Barre. There is now no cure or vaccine for Zika . "No one seems to be paying much attention to it", she said.

"She'll say anything to get votes".

Voting is underway in South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary, and Hillary Clinton is looking for a big victory - and to win big over rival Bernie Sanders.

Clinton doesn't just need clear wins among minority voters; she needs them to turn out in force.

Johnson - who voted at a recreational center in suburban Columbia - is concerned about her students and the cost of higher education. "It's up to them to persuade the voters".

When staffing for the primary, Debney looked to the 2008 presidential primary.

Bill Clinton will speak in Miami Gardens Sunday.

How important is the black vote in SC?

While Sanders has attracted endorsements from several state legislators, Clinton counters with heavyweights such as Reps.

- Buoyed by support from women and older voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a comfortable lead over Vermont Sen. Polls will be open from 7 7 p.m. EST. Texas and Minnesota both have Republican and Democratic primaries on Tuesday.

So far, Clinton has 505 to Sanders's 71. Next up: Super Tuesday.

Clinton leads in the delegate count at this early stage, winning two of the first three nomination contests - in Iowa, narrowly, and then in Nevada.