'Deadpool' dominates again with $55 million in 2nd week

'Deadpool' dominates again with $55 million in 2nd week

That's roughly what Fox, the studio behind the US$58 million comic-book adaptation, had predicted that the film would open to a week ago. Connecting with viewers outside of its devout fan base, the Ryan Reynolds smash added an estimated $55 million to its coffers, which stands at an incredible $235 million after only ten days. "While ['X-Men: First Class" director Matthew] Vaughn had a tonal departure that was less financially successful, Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller's "Deadpool" is a box office Cinderella story that mercilessly mocks the "X-Men' movies and the superhero genre as a whole". "Deadpool has become a cultural phenomenon with all audiences that is resonating across the globe", Fox's domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson told THR.

With all this hype for just a single movie, one might be curious as to what it's all about. That's due to its uniqueness. - Reuters picA few courageous new releases tried to ride out Deadpool mania.

In the No. 3 position is newcomer "Risen", the faith-based film about a Roman investigation into the disappearance of Christ's body after the crucifixion, is tracking very well.

Sony's (NYSE:SNE) label, Affirm, made the $20-M movie with LD Entertainment.

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VR is still in its early days, with much of the interest coming from hard-core gamers and tech pioneers. Samsung - which just launched its first consumer VR device - wants to make sure that's never a problem.

The rollout of "The Witch" was the widest ever for A24, which specializes in smaller, indie projects, and this opening was the company's biggest.

The roll-out marked a change in plans. "This weekend is a terrific result that exceeded our expectations". They gave the New England supernatural tale a damning "C-" on CinemaScore.

"A lot of great movies have a polarising response", said Shapiro. The religious epic Risen came in third place domestically with $11.8 million, horror flick The Witch was fourth with $8.7 million, and Race, about Jesse Owens overcoming racism to run at the 1938 Olympics in Nazi Germany, was sixth with $7.3 million. It's current 10-day total puts the film higher than X-Men: Days of Future Past, which finished with $233.9 million domestically. Down 37% from the holiday frame, the animated hit has earned $117 million so far Stateside and an additional $162 million from global markets ($137 million of that comes from China).

Over the next month and a half, Deadpool goes up against Gods of Egypt (Feb. 29), London Has Fallen (Mar. 4), 10 Cloverfield Lane (Mar. 11), The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Mar. 18) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Mar. 25).