Lab takes 1st title as Westminster debuts obedience contest

Lab takes 1st title as Westminster debuts obedience contest

From toy-sized Brussels Griffons to 180-pound Irish Wolfhounds, hundreds of purebred dogs kicked off the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in NY on Monday, putting their best paws forward in hopes of advancing toward the gold.

And there are a couple of clear favorites. Rumor the German shepherd and Charlie the Skye terrier head the pack, and could be picked as the nation's top pooch.

Hazel earned her invitation to Westminster after becoming a grand champion show dog, earning the required 25 points and two major wins.

Since the WKC started awarding the Best in Show prize in 1907, these dogs win the most.

While obedience is by no means a new canine sport, the obedience contest, added this year, is just the second competition in Westminster history to permit the participation of mixed-breed dogs - the first was the Masters Agility Championship, in 2014.

After all these years, Uno is still No. 1.

Lyric, a 3-year-old female Siberian Husky, will show Tuesday, according to an email from Katie Fleming, who owns the dog with husband Reid and Georgia residents Liz Demartino and Lindsey Morin of Trillium Blue Kennel. Karen Profenna allowed Hailey, her mixed breed all American dog, to get onto her back to show tricks at last year's dog show.

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And GrandCru Gianconda, a greyhound from Bluffton owned by Melanie Steele, joined the Spanish Water dogs on the winner's podium, taking best of breed honors and defending her 2015 title at Westminster Monday.

Ricky the standard poodle prevailed in the breed judging, but was beaten out by the bulldog in the group.

A total of 2,706 dogs and 91 Junior Showmanship competitors were entered this year. AND BASENJI: Be it a fluffy pillow, a jogging path in Central Park or a late-night snack, Jerry Grymek is the go-to guy this week - for dogs, that is. "I think that helps them stand out and draw attention in the ring".

The black-and-tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is owned by Kim Hess, of Lancaster, who says Schlott is a natural with the dog.

"That's for the owner", he said.

The dogs that did get in the ring had to sniff out and fetch a dumbbell their handlers had touched from a pile of otherwise identical dumbbells, for instance.